Washington D.C.

Glass Heart

Maya Ruben

Blood on the Ice

Lily Elder, Ellie Olesh, Sofia Ribeiro, Nathan White

The Path to School

Cleo Bowen-Wiggins

Based on All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury

Nirali Sanghani

Revenge Awoken

Rory Felton

Revenge is Best Served Cold


Bad Things Come in Threes: Chapter One

Sophie Levine


Maya Fritz

Spud the Spud

Rowan Dobranski

The Satoria Program

Ada Maroon

The Brief But Extraordinary Life of Stevie Dreger

Lucinda Mencimer

Bat Mitzvah

Hanna Barlow, age 13

The Field of Sorrow

William Tucker, age 12

The Witch Girl

Carolyn T., age 12

Gateway to Heaven

Avery Huang, age 12

Superhero Family

Amra Tesfaye, age 12

Bob the Doofus

Bodhi, age 12

Like Living Creatures

Sophia Kim, age 16

Beowulf, the Real Antagonist

Jason Chang, age 13


Eleni M. Klissas, age 15

Smile and Nod

by Gabe Saad, age 13

Uncomfortable Situations

by Maddie Metz, age 14

Loose Brick

by Sophia Hall, age 14


by Rayne Raofield, age 12

The Beast

by Sarrah Ewing, age 13

The Monster

by Marie Hybl, age 13

Art School

by Susana Caridad Chege, age 17

Across the Galaxy

by Pip Davies, age 12

The Septic Eye

by Matthew Mitchell, age 12

The Cottage in the Woods

by D. Caitlyn Quint, age 12

The Tale of Lillian Becket

by Emily Klein, age 13


by Yasmine Bolden, age 16

Godel’s Guide to Breaking Everything

by Cleo Kraske, age 13


by Hailey Love, age 12

My Past

by Kevin Williams, age 14

In a Crowded Train

by Maya De Leon, age 12


by Koen Yu, age 12

The Crevice

by Priya Allen, age 14

hi, i’m jojo

by Gabriel Saad, age 12

The Golden City

by Ella Gilbert, age 13

Midnight Hour

by Maddie Metz, age 13

Pulling Me Back Under

by Lila Fishman, age 15

Between Four Walls

by Sofia Papagerogiou, age 14

Messages in the Wind

by Juliette Macmillan, age 12

Normar at Dawn

by Ruth Barrosse, age 14

The Last Robbery

by Sadie K. Kramer, age 12

Anactoria’s Cry

by Gabriela Pabon, age 12

The Willow Tree (Excerpt)

by Nour Mokbel, age 13

The Sapphic’s Jumble, A Grammerless “Unpoem”

by Gabriela Pabon, age 12

Pay No Mind – VII

by Priya G., age 13

when i ran out of thyme

by Gabriela Pabon, age 12

The Dream Sixteen

by S Mosby, age 15

The Food Chain

by Adam Fishman Harris

A Project Complete

by Amaia Noursi

No One’s Safe

by Lila Fishman

The Lost Gold

by Jeev Sosale

The Darkest of Depths

by Daniel

140 Miles to You (Excerpt)

by Tara Prakash

If Only

by Kaitlyn Schramm

Tunnel Vision

by Alex Baturin, age 12

The Monster

by Ailish Learsy, age 13

He Doesn’t Even Have a Name

by Todd Benowitz, age 15

The Warehouse (Excerpt)

by Maya Shah McDaniel

Little Bird

by Ava Gorman

The Cooling Rack (Excerpt)

by Lucy R.

Dancer Attack

by Sydney Silva

How Kombucha Ruined My Life

by Haley Hanna Long

The Sun Is Up

by Izzy Muffett, age 12


by Jules, age 12


by Izzy Muffett, age 12

Poisonous Rain

by Jules, age 12

Cold Summers Night in the Country

by Sophia Ibrahim, age 13


by Alex Sonnabend, age 13

The Smell

by Aya White, age 14

The General

by Asher Labovich, age 14

Human’s Humanity

by Anonymous, age 14

Diary of a 1700’s Girl

by Helen D., age 12

Don’t Make Prank Phone Calls, Kids! (Excerpt)

by Marie-Evelyn, age 12

Laughter Heals All Wounds

by Asha Romaine, age 16


by Elizabeth, age 16

Death by Misadventure

by Caroline, age 14

The Curious Cottage

by Maddie Gold, age 15

The Bell Tower (Chapter One)

by Anonymous, age 12

The Factory

by Maya Eng Garcia, age 15

Chasing Stars

by Anna Roberson, age 16

The Backpack Mishap

by Andrew Dupree, age 12


by Leila Jackson, age 13

The Unicorn and The Cloud

by Sofie Levine, age 12

Treasure Map

by Brady, age 12


by Michelle, age 12

What You Don’t Know (Excerpt)

by Meghna Krishnan, age 13

Here Together

by Meghna Krishnan, age 13

Baseball Nights

by Sarah Cymrot, age 13

The China Doll

by Olivia Yang, age 12

I see you lurking. Watch this.

by Lucy I. Goldberg, age 14


by Alison Stanton, age 13

Heard, Not Seen

by Alison Stanton, age 13

Cindy: A Cinderella Retelling

by Katherine T., age 12

The Stag

by Caedmon, age 16


by A. Hume, age 12


by Lilinaz, age 15

A Singing Sky

by Lucia Salmon, age 13


by Rachel Pepper, age 16

Breathe Again

by Madison Carter, age 15

The Darkest of Depths: A Novel Excerpt

by Daniel, age 13

A Bridge of a Sun

by Samantha, age 13

Circle of Life

by Mohamed Elshaarawy, age 13

Apocalypses, Real and Imagined

by Hannah Wilson-Black, age 17


by Marissa M., age 12

A Collection of Fears

by Serena Lee, age 15

Only One Wearing Black

by Mirielle Skolnick, age 13

Only Two

by Elliott Levine, age 13


by Henry Rosser, age 15

The Smart Oinker

by Tyler D., age 13

Bonnie Ventura

by Mia C., age 14


by Ester Luna, age 14

The Strange Realities from My Soulmate

by Alissa Simon, age 14

Island: Horror

by Solana, age 13

Channel Flipping

by Solana, age 13


by Jacqueline Lydon, age 16

A Sky Full of Mediocrity

Angela Wu

Dead on the Floor

Nadav Oren

Ohh sun, hot sun

Yasmine Chahlavi

Ode to the WiFi



Alex Canty

La Tulipe

Alissa Simon

The Girl in the Portrait (Excerpt)


Birthday Surprise

Lucia S.


Jaqueline Hutchins

Blue Room


Food Memories

Sara Miller


Lucia S.


Sara Miller

Ilse in America

Hannah Quigley

The Beautiful Observer

Elissa Esher

Songs From a Caged Bird

Karenna W.


By Alissa Simon, age 13

World Class Heroes (Exerpt)

By Anonymous

Netherlandia (Excerpt)

By Noah Hoyle, age 13

Masara Gets Bullied

By Brook Brownstein, age 12


By Siona Prasad, age 15

When the Clocks Stop (Excerpt)

By Jackie Weymouth, age 15


By Siona Prasad, age 15


By Alissa Simon, age 13

Umber (Excerpt)

By Jackie Thacher, age 13

Save Me For I Am Amazing

By Margaret Hankins, age 12

Arilla and Endar

By Lauren, age 16

Jack and the Beanstalk – A Crime Drama

By Natalie Edmonds, age 14, Alex Canty, Lauren Chineme, Lucy Goldberg, Maya Ginyard

You’ll Walk Into A Bar

by Naomi Steinglass, age 14

Wishful Thinking

by Annabelle O'Reilly, age 15


by Anonymous, age 14

Two Excerpts from Leo and the Lima Bean

by May Bainbridge, age 13

The Zoobreak

by Isabel Laguarda, age 12

The Last Moments of a Noble Man

by Julien Verdeaux-Gonzalez, age 15

The Fight for Life and School

by Corinna, age 13

The Death of the Party

by Ethan Liu, age 15

Teddy Bear

by Tyler Cochran-Branson, age 13

Successful Failure

by Isabel D, age 13


by Nia Brown and Kyle Hawley

Newly Independent

by Aidan McCaul, age 15

Modern Life

by Maia Swamy, age 12

Minds of Empty – Chapter One

by Wells, age 14

Masked and Lost in Thought

by Christine Green, age 15

Life, Death, and Rebirth (excerpt)

by Ira, age 14

Indigo Snow

by Madelyn Shapiro, age 13

Harry, the Guy who Took Being Ironic into an (Ironic) Art Form

by Finn, age 12

Flower Poem

by Hale Jones, age 15


by Caroline Katzive, age 14

Dreams and Silence

by Ethan Liu, age 15


by Sophie Ewing, age 15


by Aidan McCaul, age 15

Cookie Cutters and Green Aliens

by Orla Collins, age 12


by Abigail Hogewood, age 12

An Excerpt from an Untitled Novel

by Natalia Duane, age 15

All Kinds of Wonderful

by Susannah Epstein-Boley, age 15

A Cut On My Finger

by Rebecca Kachman, age 13


by Lyndsey, age 13


by Ella, age 14


by Duffles Andrade, age 14

The Written Sea

by Caelan, age 15

The Hospital

by Paula Fernandez Musso, age 13

My Camp Love

by Zoe Dickerson, age 12

Olive Oil and Remedies of Melodies

by Rebecca Kachman, age 13

The Tree

by Lauren Chineme, age 12


by Camylle Saxon, age 12

Prologue of the Hunters

by Olivia Sessums, age 12

Yelp Review

by Caelan Campbell, age 15

The Guy’s Perspective

by Bryce Hauver-Reeves, age 15

Excerpt: CONTROL

by Lucy Levenson, age 12

Murder at the Campground

by Dagny Fisher, age 13

Excerpt: Wings of Darkness

by Izzy Sharp, age 13

Hanging By A Thread (first four chapters)

by Emory Ibrahim, age 12


by Marney Harris, age 14

Sticky Summer

by Ellery Grimm, age 13


by Cayla Joftus, age 12

Doll House

by Ellery Grimm age 13

Cornflower Blue

by Kailin Flowers, age 12

If Time Stopped

by Marney Harris, age 14

No Good News Today

by Chloe Cattaneo, age 13

NFL Playoff Predictions

by Gabriel Ritter, age 13


by Kailin Flowers, age 12

Silent World

by Anna Wichmann, age 14

You’ll Walk into a Bar

by Naomi Steinglass, age 14

Window Writing

by Jasmine Donohue-Ozyar, age 14

Dream in The First Place

by Chloe Cattaneo, age 13

The Story of a Family

by Deniz Ertem, age 14

The Choice

Elena Lohsen