by Ashley Zheng, age 16


by Ava Arasan, age 15

A Covid-19 Personal Essay

by Isaac Barrett, age 17

The Diaries of Privilege

by Rachel Lee, age 16

Carrying On in the Dark and Lonely Hour

by Susie Chege, age 17

And You Feel Like a Child

by Leigh Stern, age 17

Beyond the Walls

by Shirzad Mustafa, age 16

If I Had Known

by Mel Cort, age 15

A Collection of My Quarantine Feelings

by David Basich, age 18

Waiting for a Bounce

by Viola Hsia, by 17

Hello Coronavirus

by Victor Heras, age 18

Silver Linings

by Emilie Difede, age 17

Beautiful Fragility

by Ruhani Chhabra, age 15

What I Hope I Sound Like Through a Gramophone

by Raynor Baker-Rosenberg, age 17


by Caroline Krajicek, age 15

Thoughts and Conceptions: COVID 19

by Robert Terentieff, age 18

Waiting for the Dawn

by Naomi Gertz, age 18

A Teenager Living Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

by Grant Gardner, age 18

The Fair Princess

by Nora Fox, age 16

Art School

by Susana Caridad Chege, age 17

LA Devotee

Gabe, age 16

Fatal Feelings

by T.B.Swelstad, age 15

College debt…is it worth it?

by Ruthie Brooks-Ryall, age 15

I Don’t Know What To Call This – A Poem

by Sofia Velez, age 15

All the Way

by Dylan Stachtiaris, age 16

The Cheese Thief

by A Tobey, age 15


by Yasmine Bolden, age 16

Poem # 3

by Daisy Bolger, age 15


by Anna Kite, age 15


by Lily Wright, age 15


by Shirin Pechefsky, age 15


by Eli Hempelmann, age 15


by Julissa Cruz, age 15

women, horror, and other things not worth writing about

by Tess Nealon Raskin, age 15

The Forest

by Eli Hempelmann, age 15

NYC Subway Reliability Essay

by Teddy Ryan, age 16

Pulling Me Back Under

by Lila Fishman, age 15

Staggering Impacts of Single-Use Plastic on Human and Environmental Health

by Samia Segal, age 17

Scared of Heights?

by Bpan, age 15

The Shattered Syringe

by Andrei Buchatskiy, age 15

March 17th

by Amelia Calo, age 17

Before I Forget

by Amelia Calo, age 17

Bus Thoughts

by Alia Scheuneman, age 16

The Dream Sixteen

by S Mosby, age 15