The Smart Oinker

One day, when I was practicing making a sculpture out of wood, Momma Pig came into the living room saying she had an announcement. She said that she wanted me and my two brothers to move out of her house and live in our own home. Surprised by this announcement, I was excited to make my very own home. I said goodbye to Momma and walked through the door with only a cob of corn to eat when I was hungry.

After traveling for days, I had decided on the perfect place to build my house. It was a vast, green meadow with a lot of free land. There was a ten-foot-wide mud pool to bathe in. There was also enough room to grow some crops to eat. I began to work right away. I decided that I was going to make my home out of solid bricks, so it could keep me warm during the cold nights. I had bought some bricks and cement mix from the local store. My plan was to make a four story mansion with its own pig pen. I began to work right away.

After working for a few days, I saw my brothers rolling down the hill, laughing and coming towards me. My brothers’ names were Sausage and Pork Chop. Sausage was the youngest out of all of us; he was cute with big, brown eyes and chubby cheeks and just liked to follow Pork Chop. Pork Chop was the middle child; he was very strong, but he was not very mentally strong. He kinda looked like a surfer but as a pig. In my mind, I really hoped they wouldn’t ruin my perfect home and live near me.

Sausage came up to me and said, “Hi, Bacon!”

“Hi, Sausage and Pork Chop. Why are you guys here?” I asked.

“We decided that we will be living near you. We can’t wait to be neighbor buddies!” yelled Sausage excitedly.

“Oh boy, I can’t wait,” I said.

Though, in my head, I wanted to die. Even though I loved my brothers very much, I couldn’t stand them. Back at Momma’s home, they would always take my stuff and would never work for what they got. They would just play all day with no work. I got back to working on my home while they were tanning in the sun. After a couple of hours of working, I asked if they were going to start working on their homes.

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that,” said Pork Chop.

Then Pork Chop and Sausage got up from tanning and began to work on their homes. I was honestly surprised that they would even start. Ten minutes later, my brothers both yelled “Done!”

“How can you be done? You just started,” I asked, confused.

“Um, well, we started. Now we are finished,” said Sausage.

When I went over to go look at their so called “homes,” I was not surprised by what I saw. Sausage’s house was made out of straw, which he found on the ground, and it looked like he just built a small fort that you can sleep in. When I looked over at Pork Chop’s house, I was happy that they didn’t copy each other. His house was made out of sticks that he pulled off trees. His house was a little larger, but it sure wasn’t better. Both of their homes were just sticks or just straw stacked on top of each other to make four walls and a roof. All I could say in response was “Nice.”

“How’s yours going, Bacon?” asked Pork Chop.

“Good, I’m close to finishing the first floor but I’ll be…”

And before I could finish, my brothers were already gone and were tanning on the grass again. I went back to work, and the same thing happened for the next couple of days, where I would work, and they would have fun like always. One day, I ran out of cement mix, so I decided that I would take a break from working and would grab lunch and grab some cement mix also. After eating at my favorite restaurant called the “Leftovers,” I saw a sign on their cork board that said that a pig-eating wolf had escaped the local prison. I figured that I should hurry up and finish my home before the wolf could find me. When I got back to the meadow, where my brothers were splashing each other in the mud bath, I told them that there was an escaped wolf on the loose that eats pigs.

“Aren’t you guys scared by this news?” I asked.

“Not really,” Pork Chop said. “Our stick and straw homes will hide us from that little wolf.”

“Well, good luck,” I said.

In a few days, I was completely done with my new brick mansion. It was a masterpiece. On the fourth floor, there was a balcony where I could see above the whole meadow. In the kitchen, there was a state-of-the-art metal trough with refilling leftovers. Since I heard about that wolf running around the city, I added high quality locks all around the doors and windows. I put a ten foot high metal fence around my home and added a high tech security camera, so I could see every inch of my house to see if anyone was breaking in. I decided that I was going to show my new home to my brothers and see if they would get jealous. So I went up to my brothers, playing tag in the grass, and asked if they wanted see my home.

“Do we have to?” Sausage asked.

“Yes, I want to show you my hard work,” I told them.

Fineee, we were in the middle of a highly competitive game of tag though.”

Once I had taken them to my house, I told them to cover their eyes so it would be a surprise. They didn’t really care, but they did it.

“Three. Two. One. You can open your eyes,” I yelled

“Cool house.  Can we go back to tag now?” asked Sausage.

“Are you guys jealou…?”

But before I could finish, they were already back to playing tag. I didn’t really care though. I couldn’t wait to go relax in my new home. Days went by where I just relaxed in my pig pen and ate my gourmet corn. Then one night, I saw on my security camera that there was a tall, slender, hairy animal walking around my home. Almost like he was trying to figure out how to get in. The next morning, I went to my brothers’s houses to ask them if they saw anything unusual last night.

“No, not really, but I felt a strong wind through my window, almost like breathing,” said Pork Chop.

“Yeah, I felt that too,” said Sausage.

“Weird, I didn’t feel a wind last night. It was a pretty calm night.” I said with hesitation.

“Well, Sausage and I are going to go play hide and seek. Bye, Bacon,” said Pork Chop.

The next few days, there was a little fear hovering over all of our heads, not knowing what that animal was. Two days later, when I was scrubbing down myself in my mud jacuzzi at midnight, I saw the same animal back again. This time, he was grinning a wide grin, showing all his sharp teeth. At that point, I had figured out it was the pig-eating wolf. I was worried about my pig brothers, whose homes were just a few feet away from mine, though I was too scared to go out with that wolf prowling around. And my lazy brothers didn’t want to install cell phones in their homes, so I couldn’t contact them.

The next morning, when I decided that the coast was clear, I rushed to my brothers’ houses to ask if they were okay. But I was too late. When I got there, Sausage’s house was blown down with no sight of Sausage anywhere. There were just two big footprints left on the ground, along with Sausage’s teddy bear. When Pork Chop got there, he was confused and very emotional. Of course he was sad. He had just lost his favorite brother.

“What happened, Bacon???”

“I don’t know. I saw that wolf that eats pigs on my security camera last night. I think that he might have gotten to Sausage.” I said with sadness.

“Why did you let this happen, Bacon?! Why didn’t you warn us!”

“I don’t know. I was scared. I am sorry!” I yelled.

“Yeah, well, Sausage is gone because of you.”

I later asked Pork Chop if he wanted to stay in my house since it was safer, but he said no. I also asked if I should call the police and see if they could do anything, but he said he was going to deal with it himself. When Pork Chop got mad, he stayed mad and wanted revenge, and I knew that I couldn’t stop him. For a couple of days, nothing happened at all. It was very quiet. And I didn’t see that wolf on my security camera. I supposed that the wolf was gone or he got caught.

One morning, after my cup of joe, I noticed that I couldn’t hear Pork Chop grunting from doing 1,000 push ups everyday. He started doing this since Sausage left. When I went on my balcony to see where he was, I saw his house was knocked down also. I rushed to his home, praying that the same thing didn’t happen to him like what happened to Sausage. Though I was afraid I was too late. I searched around to see if I could find anything left behind. All I could find was a lot of big footprints, a lot of blood, and Pork Chop’s necklace with a picture of our family in it. I started to cry and cry, knowing that I had just lost all of my brothers. Even though I didn’t want them to live next to me or not be as annoying as they were, I didn’t want them to die. I knew that the wolf would be back for me, so I had to be ready. I needed a plan to catch this wolf and put him jail forever. This time, it was my turn for revenge, and no one could stop me.

I bought a bunch of supplies from the hardwood store and built my trap right away. My plan was for dress up a stuffed animal that looked like me right in front of my gate. Then when the wolf would take the bait, a trap door would open from under him and lock him up in a crate. When I finally finished, I waited for days for him to come back. Soon I thought he would never come back. Then one night, when I least expected it, the wolf came back. I was just waiting for the wolf to take the bait so I could release the trap door. And when he finally took the bait, I pressed the button to release the trap door, and the wolf dropped into the crate. I called the police, and they took the wolf away.

For a month, nothing was ever the same. I just wasn’t used to not seeing my brothers playing out in the meadow everyday. I decided that I should go back and visit my mother and tell her about my brothers. When I got back to her house, it brought back many old memories. I went back to my mom’s room, where she usually was and told her I was back.

“Hi, Bacon, how are you doing?”

“I am fine, Mom. How are you?” I asked.


“Do you want something to eat? I could make something?” I asked because she didn’t sound too good.

“No thank you, Bacon. I had two really big meals the past two weeks.”

“Oh?” I said.

“Where are your brothers? Did they not want to come?”

“No, actually this is why I came, because they were murdered.” I said with disappointment.

“Really? By who?”

“I think it was by a pig-eating wolf. But don’t worry, I caught him, and he’s in jail now.” I said, somewhat proud.

I was a bit suspicious at how she didn’t really care about Sausage and Pork Chop’s deaths. Also she sounded a little different.

“I am very proud of you, Bacon.” she said, in a different voice. “I really liked your trap by setting up a fake pig in front of your house.”

“Then… wait, how did you know about that??” I asked, very confused.

“But too bad it didn’t work.”


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