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Isolated From Home

“Adam took a step forward and tripped on a rock. He picked up the rock and threw it forward. It landed on a bumpy spot on the land and Adam heard beeping. Instinctively, he dove into the crater. Soon after the beeping was the sound of a deafening explosion.”


“Drinking, dancing, and laughing — until I woke up the next morning on a stranger’s tan, smoky couch. And Graham was gone. I scoured the whole house looking for him, the backyard, the attic, everything. My emotions ran from confused, to annoyed, to worried, to panicked, to… gone.”

Wish I Was Yours

“’I just really miss my old school, and my best friend Katherine, and some other friends as well,’ I say, more to myself than Auburn.

‘Ooh, who’s the boy you left?’ Auburn says with a tease in her voice.

I turn my head to hide my blush, only to find Sky staring at me closely as soon as I say, ‘His name was Jason. We were starting to get serious, but then I had to leave. He was my only boyfriend I really cared about.'”

My Brother’s Shadow

“Because when a shadow is left by itself there is no light to counteract its misguided ways, and it’s eternally fixed in a darkened spotlight. His shadow morphed into the clumpy, death-black cigarette tar with that distinct, sticky consistency, a texture I knew quite well from my quiet evenings in its seductive company. “

Netherlandia (Excerpt)

“He only made it a few more steps before he broke the charade and ran. Steam rushed from the Stoompistools in small controlled bursts, totally unlike the screaming cloud in the garden. But the chemist was surprisingly agile, he dodged the worst of the blast, escaping through a hatch in the ceiling.”

Hacking into NASA

“This 14-year-old boy, Aldrin, had been studying how to hack into many different systems since he was four. He wanted to do this because his grandfather mysteriously went missing eight years ago after he visited NASA to check one of their rockets.”


“’What’s your problem?’

‘What do you mean?’ he says, raising his eyebrows

‘Whenever Prosper’s around, you get quiet and ignore us. Do you not like him?’

‘It’s not that. It’s just weird having someone new that’s closer to you than me.’ I am confused and Aaron can tell. ‘Like, we’ve always had friends that we met together. Not just you and then me.’”

Kanye West

“Yo, yo, check it, yo. I eat it like dinner. You see this stuff I gotta deal with from these beginners? Wait, what? We’re recording? Oh! This is the president speaking. I just wanted to share a short, fire lyric from my song. We’ll buy a lot of clothes when we don’t really need ‘em. Things we buy to cover what’s inside.”


“You eat, think, confess, write, whatever you want to do in the waiting room. It’s just a white couch and a white coffee table in a white space with a white ceiling and white floors – everything is white here.”

A Lesson Learned

“He heard rustling and he turned around. Behind him was a map taped to a tree. He grabbed it and opened it. It showed a strange world with four giant land masses at each direction. He pressed his finger against the map and instantly disappeared.”