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“Butterflies flutter around my head and leap and frolic through the air. The flower’s fragrant aroma gently floats on the balmy morning breeze as the swing set in the deserted old playground creaks.”

The Paradox

“Jason suddenly had a wild idea. Maybe he could go back in time to prevent his parents’ death. Jason doubted it, but he would do anything to get his parents back. He would never forget five years ago when he was seven years old and their car crashed and how he was the only survivor…”

Touches from heaven

“No, I don’t, you’re the one who needs to learn that you are so selfish and that you should care about others’ feelings. I liked you Logan, and then, then, you just — ”
Suddenly I looked up. The water was becoming rougher, as the canoe bounced in it swiftly.”

China Doll

“I think everyone always knows when she walks in a room.” I did my best to politely say she was a drama queen.
“I wish the truth was easier, you would never understand.” Her voice was as low as if telling a secret. The wind picked it up, and whispered this in my ear.”