Wolves: The Other Side Revealed

Chloe Park

Crescendo: A Teenager’s Experience With Music

Ian Chen

The Musical Connection

by Lara Daliana, age 15

On the Multi Regional Theory of Human Evolution

Pia Daliana, age 15

Maria Merian: The Butterfly Woman

by Mabel Alexander, age 12

A Covid-19 Personal Essay

by Isaac Barrett, age 17

Carrying On in the Dark and Lonely Hour

by Susie Chege, age 17

COVID-19 Through the Eyes of a Teen

by Aravah Chaiken, age 13

Silver Linings of Self Quarantine

by Haley Dow, age 13

Silver Linings

by Emilie Difede, age 17

Beautiful Fragility

by Ruhani Chhabra, age 15

How COVID-19 Has Affected My Life: A Reflection on How It’s Going

by Raya Ilieva, age 10

A Teenager Living Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

by Grant Gardner, age 18

Gender Inequality Through Time

by Olivia H. Yang, age 14


by Sohil VG, age 12

Transgender Bathroom Policy

by Shanee Goldman, age 14

College debt…is it worth it?

by Ruthie Brooks-Ryall, age 15

NYC Subway Reliability Essay

by Teddy Ryan, age 16

Staggering Impacts of Single-Use Plastic on Human and Environmental Health

by Samia Segal, age 17

A New and Improved 2nd Amendment

by Maverick Cortes, age 14

Scared of Heights?

by Bpan, age 15

Has Basketball Improved Since Its Invention?

by Arjun Kalbag, age 12

Animals in Captivity

by Yewonie

Summer Bod: An Analysis of Body Image and its Impact on Young Women

by Logan Lane

Why the Italian Elections Matter

by Leo Giorgini

Hedgehog Human History

by Denise H

Rock Climbing

by Benjamin Goroshnik

Ignorance and Apathy: an Analysis of Japan and America’s Values

by Kai Mandelbaum, age 14

The Vietnam War

by Allie Smithie

Schoolwork Aiding Websites: Innocent Aid or Devious Cheating?

by Benjamin Samuels

World Sweeps Coal into Dustbin of History

by Amanda Hao, age 13


by Ella Berg

Romeo and Juliet Revisited

by Alice Goyer

The Dangers of Stereotyping by the Media

by Mayeesa Rahman

The​ ​Dilemma​ ​of​ ​a​ ​Debater’s​ ​Moral Integrity

by Talin Schell

You Could be Next

by Jasmine Berger

The Benefit of Female Education on the World

by Maleeha Rahman

The Murder of Mary Phagan

by Eve Cohen

Work of Tomorrow

by Noah Phillips

A Mindful Macbeth: How “Hand” is Used in Macbeth to Represent a Relationship Between Mind and Body

by Delilah Shapiro

Good Night, Bad Night: The Black Night in Macbeth

by Dexter Pakula

Energy, Empowerment, & Entrepreneurship: Female Figures in American Literature

by Sofia Caruso

Whitewashing: Bringing Color to the Screen

by Jared Klegar

Why The United States Constitution Established a Just Government

by Mackenzi Berner

Frankenstein, Not Gloria Steinem

by Ariana Reichler

Dinah’s Voice Must Always Be Heard; A Speech Examining Vayishlach (Genesis 34) Through A Feminist Lens

Laughter Heals All Wounds

by Asha Romaine, age 16

On Conspiracy Theories

by William, age 12

Child Soldiers

by Alex Lynn, age 13

Misogyny and Bullying in North and South America

by Ayel Vivares, age 13

Social Skills and Social Media

by O.C. Brown, age 14

Jazz in Education

by Kai Mandelbaum, age 13

Teaching About Islam in Schools

by Gabriela Venegas, age 13

Basketball Should Not Be Done with One-and-Done

by Michael Spenner, age 15

Cooking: Bridging Past and Present

by Jeremy Shen, age 12

My Road to London

by Andre T., age 12

Why Reading is Worth the Time

by Momoca, age 12

Apocalypses, Real and Imagined

by Hannah Wilson-Black, age 17

iPhone 7, Yes or No?

by Marc, age 13

Don’t Kids and Teachers Need a Break to Function?

by Bina Klein, age 12

Learning to Respect

by Blair, age 13

Pokemon GO Should Not Be Given Another Chance

by Saujas Modi, age 12

An Overview of “Overwatch” : Best Game of the Year

by Levi Grossman, age 13

Getting a Pet

by Blair, age 13

Why Do People Brag?

by Isabella Gernandt, age 12

Magic Essay


Starting School

by Amelie Galvez, age 12

Criminally Unjust: A Tale of Two Justice Systems

by Johnathan Stimpson, age 16

Adding More Languages

by Amelie Galvez, age 12