Circle of Life

0 – 6 years

My name is Frank, and I was in the hospital because I had just been born. I have a lovely mom and dad, but the first face that I saw was some strange women. I stayed in there for one month because I was sick and had pipes sticking into me. My mom said that she had to wake up at 3 a.m. everyday to go to the hospital, and she wouldn’t know if I was alive or dead. She was very stressed, and my dad always skipped work. Luckily, my dad didn’t have so much work at this time.

When I got out, I saw something. I couldn’t really open my eyes because it was shiny and orange.

I heard my dad saying, “The sun is shining, and it’s very hot.”

I didn’t really understand what it was. I was little, but one thing that I knew I wanted was to be close to the sun. I wanted to touch it because I felt some strange connection to it. It’s like the sun was calling my name over and over.

I had to drink milk everyday. Really, I never liked it, but I used to hear my mom say that it would be dangerous if I stopped drinking milk at such a young age. I was turning one years old, and nothing had really changed, except I learned to say “Mom” and “Dad.” I was trying to learn my name.

I was two years old when I got my first toy. I really understood that it was a Ford Mustang and, from this day, I had one thing in mind. When I grew up, I want a real Ford Mustang.

I was three years old when I started saying some sentences like “Mom, I need to go to the bathroom,” or “Dad, I want a toy.” It was my first day of school, and I didn’t really remember if I liked it or not. I made one friend, and I always played outside. I was always so hyper. When it was time to sleep, I never wanted to sleep.

Every two days, we had the same thing to eat.

I remember when we went on a school trip to a zoo. In the middle of the tour, I suddenly felt something. I felt like something stung me on my hand, so I had to sit down. I missed the rest of the tour.

The past two years, I started speaking German and learning how to write and read. I was six, and I was doing a test so they could see if I was ready for first grade. I passed, and somehow I was the best. It felt good.


7 – 12 Years: Starting a New Life

I was seven years old when my first problem started. My mom told me that my friend moved away. I made the biggest mistake. I only made one friend. His name was Dan. We met on the bus. It was the first day, and we sat next to each other. We played Pikachu, and he was the first kid that came to my house. If I remember correctly, we always played with army figures.

After three years of school, a disaster happened. My mom fell sick, and it was not good. I was scared and didn’t know what to do. My mom couldn’t really walk, and if she did, her knee would start hurting, so she had to get thinner. When I did something wrong, she would lock me in a room. I always used to cry and would try to call my dad, but I didn’t blame her. I was her first kid, and she didn’t know how to handle it. But she was the best mom ever. Because of her, I would learn from her mistakes and do it correctly.

I was eleven years old when I was gonna fly to Germany for the first time. It felt so weird, and I was scared. But when we were in the air, it felt so good, and the view was so nice. I held my mom’s hand all the time. I could see she was still sick, but it wasn’t like when she had it first. The airplane had a TV in front of me, the seats were comfortable and cold, and the food wasn’t bad. On the airplane, I felt a stronger connection with the sun. There was a man waving at me, and I told my mom to look. She looked surprised and said that she didn’t see anything. I knew that she was hiding something when she had to go to the bathroom.

“Our son, Frank. The sun is starting to talk to him. What should I do?” said my mom to my dad.

“I don’t know.”

It was a big adventure. The first time I went hiking, I almost fell down because for a second, I didn’t think about the path and looked at an orange mushroom. While we were hiking, my mom had to take some breaks because of her knee. I was very proud of my mom that she did everything with me.

The next day, we went ziplining from tree to tree. We were about 25 meters high. When I was in the middle of the zipline, I wanted to brake, so I put my hand on the line. Then, my hand burned, and I realised that I wasn’t wearing my gloves. I was screaming and screaming, scared because my hand burned. Then, someone saw me and got help. My hands were black and bleeding, but not too bad. I was going to the medic when, on the way, the sun was shining. Somehow, my hand healed as if nothing happened.

At one point, I got lost and couldn’t find my mom. I was scared, but the sun gave me a path. How did I know that? Because it was dark when, suddenly, the sun made a path. If I told you how many times I was scared, it would be as big as the population of New York.

I was twelve years old when my mom was getting better, but not too much. I was now in seventh grade, and it was starting to get harder, but I was smart. I was trying to figure out what was happening to me.


20 Years Before Frank Was Born

“David, the son of the Sun god, I’m gonna send you to Earth. You can choose one woman to marry, because all the women on the sun disappeared. Your first son is gonna have the same powers as you do. And if you get the child, you have to bring him to me, your father.”

“Okay, but I’m not gonna risk that my son gets powers, or he’s gonna be in a lot of trouble.”


On Earth

“Hey. Before we get married,” said David to Lea, “You know that if we have a kid, he’s gonna have powers, and my father is gonna want him.”

“Yes. But you said that we are gonna try to keep him and not put him in trouble, right?”



Back on the Sun

“Ah, my son. I knew that you would do something like that. Don’t forget I can see everything.”


25: The Moment

For the past thirteen years, I have been trying to figure out what was happening to me. A lot of times, I got hurt. When I went in the sun, I healed again. And every time I went to my parents, they always looked so scared when I told them about it.

When I finished college, I was gonna be an astronaut. I wanted to go to the sun because I felt that it wouldn’t harm me. When I told my parents about this, they said, “No.” They were panicking.

“It won’t,” said David, very quiet.

“Okay, Mom and Dad. What is going on with you guys?”

“It’s time that we tell him, David,” my mom said.

“Tell me what?!”

“Okay, Frank. I am not a normal human,” my dad said. “I am the son of the Sun god, and I made a promise that I will hand you over to my father when you were born. But I didn’t because he want’s you to fight the Elsaks with the powers that you have.”

“First of all, what the heck? Why didn’t you tell me before because that explains the healing. But how should I fight this Elsaks with only healing? And who are these Elsaks?”

“First, you can’t just heal. You can do other stuff, like shoot lasers from your eyes and fly.”

“What, I can fly? Wow.”

“Yes. And the Elsaks are aliens that attacked the sun a lot of times.”

Boom! There was a big bang. When we looked outside, it was the sun. A part of it broke.

“What is going on?” I said. “All of this is too much. I’m scared.”

“Go, Frank. Go and save your grandpa and the sun.”

“But how do I fly?”

“Just think about it.”

So I flew to the sun. It felt very good when I was near the sun. I just went in the castle, but I didn’t know how to land correctly so I made a hole in the roof of the castle and fell down. There, I saw an old man. I was not sure if it was my grandpa, but I saw a lot of weird looking creatures. One of them was longer, and I bet it was the queen. I focused the laser on her, but I couldn’t control it. I closed my eyes and opened them again, and all of the other creatures were gone except for the queen. Then, a guard came and took the queen. When they were outside, a huge ship came and, somehow, the queen was gone.

“Thank you, Frank,” said the old man.

“How do you know my name?”

“I know everything. I’m a god.”

“Holy, my grandpa is a god!”

“Now, you have two choices. You can stay here and get stronger, or go back home.”

“It would be very nice to be stronger, but I want to go back to my mom and dad.”

“Okay. I respect it.”

“Thank you.”

“Sorry,” said David to Frank when he came back.

“It’s okay. But no more hiding stuff from me, okay?”




So I’m now 65 years old. The past few years, I have been fighting crime and doing hero stuff. I really don’t want to marry someone because it would be dangerous to give someone else powers.

And here I am, writing the story of my life.

Bang! Another part of the sun fell.

Not again. Okay, I have to go and save the sun. By the way, my grandpa said that I won’t grow older than 70 years old.

“Come, Dad. Let’s save the sun!”

“I wish your mom could see us.”


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