The Sun Is Up

by Izzy Muffett, age 12
The Sun Is Up Izzy Muffett is in seventh grade in D.C. The first story Izzy tried to write was called “Princess Queen Donald Muckins (And Friends)” and there was a sequel to it: “Moona Lee Buckins (And Friends).” Neither was very good. Izzy’s been coming to Writopia for a VERY long time. Like, at least five years. Maybe six. She likes to write a lot of stuff. Essays, sci-fi, historical fiction, and poetry, but besides from poems, she barely ever finishes anything. So yeah, that’s it.

“The sun is up / But I am not / I am numb / For the day is not”


The sun is up

But I am not

I am numb

For the day is not

When I feel things

I only feel

When the sun is sleeping

And I can be alone

I can think my dangerous thoughts

By myself.

I am trapped.

Alone with just my feelings.

Why aren’t they there when I need them?

Why are they only here to hurt?
Is this normal?

Is something wrong with me?

What is it?

What can I do?

To stop it?

So many questions.

Where are my friends?

Why can’t I make them?

Why am I so alone?



For just a moment.

Stop asking questions.

Answer them.

Is this normal?


Is something wrong with me?


I’ve read about this.

They tell me there are other people here,

They’re just like me.

I don’t believe them.

What can I do?

I need someone.

I need someone to listen.

Someone to talk to.

Someone to understand.

Why don’t you understand?


The questions will not stop.

What can I do.

Who can I ask for help

If I have no one.




Who do I have?

My parents?

No, they wouldn’t understand

They tell me I need therapy.




But what if it could help?

They would judge me.

But what if they were okay?

I can’t take the chance.

Yes I can.

What harm would it do?

You’re right.

I’m crazy.

I’m right.

I need help.


The sun is up.

I’m almost up.

I can feel the progress.

I still have questions, but they are leaving.

I’m going to be okay.

I know it.

I am normal.

I am not alone.


I know that they will help me.


The sun is up.

And so am I.

I think that I’m okay.

I was brave.

I got help.



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