short story

The Case of the Missing Gem

by Daniel, age 12

The Diary of Evil Chicken Dude

by Mia Cabelleros, age 13

Disney Breaking Out (Part One)

by Sammie Huff, age 12

The Memories

by Leila Papillon Suess, age 13


by Leila Papillon Suess, age 13

You, Simply

by Scarlett Choi, age 13

The Food Chain

by Adam Fishman Harris

A Project Complete

by Amaia Noursi

No One’s Safe

by Lila Fishman

The Lost Gold

by Jeev Sosale

What Separates Them All

by Aanika Veedon

Telekinesis Boy

by Ivry Frost

Animals in Captivity

by Yewonie

Elite Cat Trainer

by Kian Dierks

The Purple Guard

by Isaiah Chung

Alice’s Choice

by Sarah Zhang


by Ethan Li

Little Lemon

by Ava Z.

Damaged World

by Sophie Kessler

John the Cow, Escape Artist

by Nicholas Nakamura

Sandy VS The World

by Lucas Jacobs

140 Miles to You (Excerpt)

by Tara Prakash

The Path of the Soul

by Logan Reich

Tunnel Vision

by Alex Baturin, age 12

He Doesn’t Even Have a Name

by Todd Benowitz, age 15

Field Trip: An Account of the Earth Invasion (2677)

by Harry Tarses, age 13

Everything Perfect

by Karen Wu, age 13

Second Chances

by Amanda Buchman, age 13


by Lara Dominguez


by Odelya Bergner-Phillips, age 12

An Attempted Rescue

by Luca Aiello, age 13

Prologue to Hectorbla

by Alex Wallis, age 14

The Haunted House

by Max B., age 16

The Secret Life Of A Squirrel

by Jaden J.C., age 12

Key Lime Pie

by Mary G., age 12

Born to Die (Young)

by Maureen Flanagan, age 14


by Rebecca A. Reid, age 13

Too Many Mistakes Made

by Michelle Ramos, age 17

Central Park

by Adia Loftis, age 15

Stand By Me: Part One

by Sammie Huff, age 12

Up and Back Again

by Anjalia, age 12

The Overlord

by George Chudley, age 14

Eight in the Evening

by Benjamin Samuels, age 12

The (Rather Unfair) Life of a Housefly

by Enrico Muller, age 12

A Day in the Life

by Sam Stearns, age 12

The Rebirth Cycle

by Sophia Lindhardsen Dahl, age 13


by Jonathan Wallace, age 13


by Jason, age 12

Next Door Robbery

by Brandon Herrera, age 12

Silent Love

by Eli Kanetsky, age 13

Dog Party

by Kiron Khundkar, age 13


by Ella Davis, age 12

The Biggest Game of my Life

by Harley Wilf, age 16

The Vindicators (Chapter One)

by Lennon Zych, age 14

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

by Erinda Ratchford, age 12

Hawaiian Vacation

by Meghan T., age 12


by Selin Kubali, age 17

This is Called a Ransom Note

by Ava Orrantia, age 12

Sonnet of the Feline

by Martin Brandwein, age 13

Weird Dream

by Julien Gotay, age 15

Potatoes to Apples

by Emily Gil, age 16


by Sydney Riemer, age 14

Stormx4 Part I

by Izzy Martinez, age 12

Golden Blood (Excerpt)

by Alia Scheuneman, age 15

Beach Girl

by Eli Kanetsky, age 13

Royal Blood (Excerpt)

by Olivia Patterson, age 12

I So Don’t Want to Be Here (Excerpt)

by Lilly "Sheila" Verkaik, age 15

Peru in the Trees

by Lauryn Cooper, age 12


by Sophie Singer Brahmi, age 14


by Lilly "Sheila" Verkaik, age 15

The Simulation

by Jonathan Wallace, age 13

Trump Tower

by Savva Vlasov, age 15

Shadow Man

by Lola Pitman, age 13

Under This Roof

by Ali Levy, age 13


by Jordan Smith, age 14

The Smell

by Aya White, age 14

The General

by Asher Labovich, age 14

The Infernal Names

by Nikita Bleyer, age 17


by Ella Davis, age 12

Human’s Humanity

by Anonymous, age 14

It was June 18th, 1999

by Thomas Frix, age 15

Whirlwind (Excerpt)

by Avery Epstein, age 12

The Plague

by Kobi DeNatale, age 12

The Absence of Hope

by Percy Unger, age 15

The Golden Disk

by Amrita Bhasin, age 17


by Gexing Crystal Chen, age 15

Heart Flames

by Zainab Fatima, age 14

The Story About the King’s Bad Day

by Anonymous, age 12


by Kavya Katragadda, age 17


by Daniel Anton, age 12

Soul-carved (Excerpt)

by E. L. Haven


by Dhanesh Tikoo, age 13


by Katie Fahey, age 13

Diary of a 1700’s Girl

by Helen D., age 12

Chasing Stars

by Anna Roberson, age 16

The Magical World (Chapter Two from Mystic)

by Adam Sherif, age 14

The Wilkołak

by Jamie M., age 13

The Worst Roommate

by Amalee Burden, age 16


by Andrew Jacob Villardi, age 14

The Unicorn and The Cloud

by Sofie Levine, age 12

Treasure Map

by Brady, age 12


by Michelle, age 12

The Three Dogs

by Clay Gallivan, age 12

What You Don’t Know (Excerpt)

by Meghna Krishnan, age 13

Here Together

by Meghna Krishnan, age 13

Subsequent of the Smoke

by Carolyn Hohl, age 14

The Floor is Lava

by Theo Canning, age 13

Ripped Jeans

by Maureen Flanagan, age 13

When the Lights Go Out

by Lorelei Hansen, age 12

The China Doll

by Olivia Yang, age 12

I see you lurking. Watch this.

by Lucy I. Goldberg, age 14


by Gigi Richer, age 12

The Golden Book

by Olivia Lipman, age 12


by Ester Luna, age 14


by Raul A.M. Gutierrez, age 12

Please Stand By (Part One)

by Avery H., age 12

The True Tale (Part One)

by Eleanor Marks, age 13

A Study in Self Titled (Part One)

by Valerie Mandl, age 14

Island: Horror

by Solana, age 13

Channel Flipping

by Solana, age 13

House Arrest

Robin Manansala