Masara Gets Bullied

Once upon a time, long, long ago, like twenty years ago, there lived a monkey whose name was Masara. Masara was very weak and couldn’t do anything but walk and eat flowers. Since he was so weak, people would pick on him.

One day, he was in the bathroom and five people came to beat him up. Their names were Tom, George, Greg, Peter, and Bob.

Bob grabbed Masara’s tail.

George said, “Oh, hi, little monkey.”

“Slam him into the wall!” Greg said, “No, dump him in the toilet!”

Masara decided that he would never forgive Greg and was going to kick his butt.

Peter said, “Greg, George, Tom, Bob, I don’t want to be a bully with you guys anymore.”

Tom said, “I agree with Peter. I don’t want to be bullies with you guys anymore either. I’m going to go and find a new nice friend.”

Now Masara, Peter, and Tom went to learn karate.

After a year, they were all black belts, and they went to fight Greg. Masara dressed in a huge suit of monkey armor that was dark red with a light on every side that would blind anyone who tried to hit him. After he was dressed, Masara, Peter, and Tom went looking for Greg. They found him near the dumpster behind Burger King, and Masara said to Greg, “Just because you were being mean to me before doesn’t mean you can be mean to me now!” And then he started a little dance and said, “HIYAAA! HOO-OH! HIIIYA!” He started screeching like a monkey (because he was a monkey). That was Tom and Peter’s cue from Master Masara to exercise their karate skills.

Greg started to cry because he was very sad that Masara and his old friends, Tom and Peter, had finally punched him. Greg was trying to punch back, but he was too weak.

Masara punched Greg on the butt and hit Greg so hard he knocked Greg’s pants off. Masara was just that mad. Greg was really, really upset now because Masara had punched his pants off. Greg tried to hit Masara back, but Masara’s karate training had made him too fast and strong for Greg to hit.

Greg got so mad that he couldn’t hurt Masara that he chased after Masara and ran into a wall so hard that he got knocked out. An ambulance came to take him to the hospital, but Masara said, “O00h! Don’t take him! He’s really rude. He almost flushed me down a toilet to send me off into dirty yucky crocodile water under the sewers!”

“We’ll take care of this!” the singing ambulance driver said in opera, and sent Greg to a prison hospital in China to keep him away from the others. In the prison, a blacksmith came and turned Greg into a soda can and then filled him up with a new kind of soda called “The LooLooLa” to give to Masara, Tom, and Peter. The other bullies, George and Bob, were really glad that they had been saved as well from Greg, because Greg had been making them be bullies. They joined Masara, Tom, and Peter to have a soda party.

Masara was so glad that he got to go out with all his new best friends. And it was his birthday, so he got to have LooLooLa soda and a monkey-shaped cake to celebrate.

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