The Makeup Mysteries

Makeup Mysteries

Chapter 1

The cameras flash back and forth as Niki Britina struts down the runway. She is the most famous fashion model in the entire world with long, silky blonde hair and bright blue eyes the color of sapphires. Anyone could easily tell she is a top fashion model. As the curtain closes Niki is showered by tons and tons of gorgeous flowers while she blows kisses to the roaring crowd. The show has ended and Niki is about to head home.

“Wasn’t I amazing out there? I was so much better than the rest of you!” Niki shouts confidently. “I’m surprised the crowd even clapped for you. Nicole, you tripped on the edge of the runway; that was hilarious! Ella, the dress you had on was from last season, and worst of all, Kathrin, you wore Zoe’s dress. It was so funny because Zoe didn’t have anything to wear so she couldn’t come out!”

“Niki, you’ve been really mean these past few weeks and you keep insulting us after every fashion show. We’re through!” shouts Nicole. “Come on girls.”

As all the other models file out of the room, and Niki is left with only one friend, Emma, her best friend.

“Niki, Nicole’s right. You have been kinda mean to the other models, and you need to start thinking about how others feel, not just yourself. See you Friday,” says Emma before leaving.

It is a dark night and the moon is hidden behind the clouds. As Niki walks down the sidewalk, she hears a rustle in the bushes and she turns around slowly to see a… squirrel! Niki sighs in relief. As she walks up the driveway to her exquisite mansion, she notices that her front door is wide open. She peeks inside and everything is out of place. Tables are overturned, vases are shattered on the floor, and worst of all she has chipped a nail coming home! Niki goes straight up to her vanity room to search for a nail file and some lotion. But just as she had suspected, her makeup has been stolen! She had the best makeup in the entire world – tons and tons of jet black mascara, ruby red lipstick, sparkling nail polish, pretty pink blush, a rainbow palette of eyeshadow, and the most wonderful perfume on the planet called Enchantment. Niki is so upset. She has a fashion show in 5 days and she needs her makeup, so she decides to call the police. About five minutes later a truck pulls up to her house and out jumps a man in a wet suit.

“Who are you and what are you doing at my house?”

“I am Jay the Shark Wrangler, there is no shark I cannot defeat! You told me to come help you catch the crook.”

“NO! I called the police to help me find the crook who broke into my house and stole my makeup, you shark boy!”

“Can I at least help?”

“FINE!” Niki sighed. “It’s not like I have any better options anyway.”

Niki storms off to her room and just before she slams the door she shouts, “Meet me at my house at 10:00 a.m. on the dot!”

“Why so late?”

“I need my beauty sleep, duh!” As she slams the door shut, a vase falls off it’s table and crashes to the floor, breaking on contact.

“UHH! Could this day get any worse?” she says and immediately it starts raining and thunder crashes throughout the sky. “Yes, yes it can.” On that note Niki falls fast asleep.


Chapter 2

At 9:00 a.m. Niki gets out of bed and goes to her bathroom to look for her makeup before remembering it’s not there.

“Stupid thief,” Niki mumbles. She stomps over to her walk-in closet to put on some designer clothes.

At about 12:00 Niki comes out of her closet fully dressed from head to toe with sparkling jewelry, a vintage handbag, the newest sun glasses, and designer clothes. As she walks out onto her driveway, she spots Jay leaning against the shark truck, awaiting her arrival.

“You said 10:00 a.m. on the dot! It’s 12:15! You’re late!”

“I was busy!” Niki snaps back. “Let’s just get this over with. I have a hair appointment at 5:00 and I need to find my makeup in 5 days! I have a show coming up and if I don’t have it by then, I’ll get fired. You can’t send a model on the runway without makeup. It’s just like, a rule!”

As Jay pulls out of the driveway, Niki notices a note slipped inside her mailbox.

“Wait a second, Jay. I see something.” She climbs out of the car and struts over to the mailbox, taking the note. As she hops back in the car she opens it. The note says,

Meet me at the wharf at 12:30 if you ever want to see your precious makeup again!


“He must have my makeup. I need it back. Let’s go!”

“Okay, Miss beauty queen,” Jay says, rolling his eyes. “What’s so important about this makeup anyway?”

“I am the only person in the world who has this makeup. It’s one of a kind, especially the perfume! Let’s just go already!”

It’s about a 20 minute drive from Niki’s house to the wharf. Once they get there, they notice a shadowy figure leaning against a post near a speed boat. It is a foggy day and no one else is in the water or at the restaurants. They are all alone. As Niki and Jay walk over to retrieve her makeup, the shadowy figure looks up, but doesn’t show his face.

“So this is Miss Niki Britina. Do you need your makeup back, honey?” he says with a smug smile and a ring of sarcasm to his voice.

“As a matter a fact, I do! So give it back, NOW!”

“Oh, I’m afraid it’s not that easy, sweetheart. You see, you need to give me something that I want, then we will talk about returning the makeup.”

Niki thought about this for a second. Then, finally, she spoke. “Well… what do… you want then?” Her voice was shaky.

“Money, jewelry, things that I can sell. The usual.”

“Well, I’m not giving you anything. Jay here is a…a…police officer! Yeah, that’s right, he’s a police officer. Arrest him, Jay.”

“I’m not a police officer,” whispers Jay.

“Just go with it,” Niki snaps back.

“Oh, a police officer in a wetsuit? Is that the newest fashion? Hmmm? Anyway I’ve got to get going. I mean, this isn’t getting anywhere.” The thief jumps straight into the speed boat, kicking up water as he jets away.

“Oh, no he didn’t!” Niki shouts. “He ruined my designer dress. I spent $5,000 on this!”

“We’ll catch him! Hop on!” Jay shouts.

Niki and Jay jump onto the boat and try to start the engine but it doesn’tbudge.

“Uggghh, it’s broken.”Jay hollers.

“Now we will never catch the thief! My fashion show is in 5 days and I’ll be on the cover of ‘Embarrassment of the Week’ in no time! I’ll get fired!” Niki whines. After Niki’s drama attack, she goes to her hair appointment, and mopes the entire night. Jay thinks up a plan for the next day.

Chapter 3

“Niki, wake up!” Jay yells through Niki’s open window, “I have an idea about how to get your makeup back!”

“Go away, paparazzi! I’m sleeping!”

Jay pushes open the front door and walks straight up to her bedroom. He quickly pushes Niki off her bed and she falls to the ground with a thud. “Come on. Get dressed. And this can’t take 4 hours again!”

“Owww!” Niki whines. “You pushed me! I am a top fashion model! I can sue you, and for your information, it took 3 hours not 4!”

“Yeah, yeah, just get dressed already.”

Niki stumbles over to her closet and picks out an outfit, does her hair, puts on jewelry, cries about her makeup, and picks out some high heels.

“Good job. Niki, I think we got your dressing time down to an hour and a half.” Jay says with tons of sarcasm.

“Very funny, Jay. So what’s your big plan to get my makeup back?”

“Come on. We’ll go to the mall and I’ll tell you.” After about an hour of shopping, Niki and Jay sit down to talk about Jay’s plan.

“So we know this guy is very shady and he won’t tell us to meet him when there’s a lot of people around, so I suggest we invite him to your house and trap him there!”

“Good plan except for the part where he’s in my house!”  Niki shouts.

“Yeah, he’s in your house but we can set some traps downstairs and get him to walk straight into our trap!”

“Ok let’s do it!”

After Jay and Niki go shopping at TRAPS, CAGES, AND DUNGEONS, they have 2 giant cages, 4 trapdoors, and 50 other things that neither of them know what they do, so while Jay sets up the traps, Niki realizes the thief had left an email address on the back of his last note, so she uses it to email him their request. He replies, BE THERE IN 5 MINUTES. THIS BETTER BE GOOD. -S

5 minutes later a creepy car pulls up out front and the shadowy figure gets out. “So let’s get down to business,” he says.

Just before the shadowy figure arrived, Jay told Niki to hide behind the stairwell and pull the giant rope when Jay said “now.” She didn’t know what it would do but if it would help her get her makeup back faster, she would do it. Niki was hiding as Jay was leading the figure into the front hall.

“You first,” Jay says. As the figure walks into the room, Niki gets a text and starts replying when Jay says, “NOW!”

“One second, I’m replying to a text. Emma wants to know which color of eyeshadow compliments her eyes,” Niki says.

“Oh, I see what’s going on. You two are trying to trap me. Well played, but not smart enough.” He quickly pushes Jay and Niki right where he had been standing and pulls the rope which lets down a cage. They are trapped.

“Good-bye, Niki and Jay. We’ll meet again soon. By the way, Niki maybe reply to the text after you trap the bad guy. Just a tip.” He smiles smugly and gives a cackling laugh before leaving.

“Nice going, Niki!” Jay yells, “We almost had him, but then you just had to reply to your little fashion friend. If you really want to get your makeup back, you can’t be whining and texting all the time, you’ve got to focus. If this makeup is really important to you, you have to pay attention, take some initiative, and start taking some risks. This is not a game, Niki. It’s not a playdate where you say, ‘Can I have my makeup back?’ and he says, ‘Sure, I’m sorry.’ The world isn’t like that. This is a real criminal we’re facing and you just seem to goof around. You are acting like a pampered princess. You can’t have anything you want, Niki. The world is not just going to hand it to you. I’m sorry to say it, Niki, but I think it’s time for you to grow up. Now let’s figure out a way to get this cage off.”

“Ok,” says Niki. Jay’s words sting her heart like an open wound. No one’s ever said those kinds of things to her. Maybe Jay was right, she was just a pampered little princess. But she was still ready to help. Niki undoes her scarf and ties it to Jay’s belt and with a little tape from the nearby counter, they make a long enough rope to grab onto the other rope holding the cage down. They escape.

“If you think I’m such a pampered princess, why are you helping me?

“Because…” Jay says. ”Because I love you.” He kisses Niki’s cheek. “See you tomorrow, Blondie.” And he walks away.

Chapter 4

All Niki thinks about is the kiss, all morning. Did Jay really love her or was he just making it up? NIki has had a ton of boyfriends, but when they kissed her none of them felt the same as Jay’s lips against her cheek. It felt good, very good. How was she going to explain to him that she liked him too? She hadn’t realized it until he kissed her. She really liked his short blonde hair,  his bright blue eyes, his smile, and how he always made her laugh. Today, she was going to show him a different side of Niki Britina, the good side. “Right after I change,” Niki says.

When Niki walks out of her closet, she is not wearing her regular designer outfit with vintage handbags and dangly earrings. Instead, she is wearing jeans, strap-on sandals, a beach scarf, and a really cute top. NONE of the items she has on are designer clothing. As she walks out onto her driveway, Jay is not there like he was the day before. That’s odd, she thought. She drives her car over to Jay’s house and knocks on the door. There is no answer. Where is he, Niki wonders. As she leans against the door, it slowly opens. She walks inside the empty house and calls Jay’s name. Again, there is no answer.

“Jay?” she shouts, “Jay, where are you?” As she walks around the house, she realizes it looks just like hers after it was rampaged. There are muddy footprints on the ground and marks that look like someone had been dragged across the floor. As she looks around, she notices a note sticking out of the fireplace. Its edges have been singed by the remaining embers. She picks up the note.

Your time is running out, Niki Britina. Meet me at the park in 15 minutes if you want to get your makeup back. Also, I heard you were looking for Jay. You’ll find him if you meet me here. By the way, doesn’t Jay have a lovely home? See you there.


Niki knew exactly what had happened to Jay. The only thing that came out of her quivering mouth was “S.” As Niki gets in her car she knows what she has to do. She drives her car over to the park. It is very late, probably around 6:00. She parks her car, gets out, and walks over to the center of the park where she finds S and Jay sitting on a bench in the middle of the park. As she walks over, S says, “Well if it isn’t my old friend Niki. Come here, sit, and we’ll talk.

“You are no friend to me,” Niki snaps back, “Let Jay go and we’ll be out of your way.”

“Oh dear Niki, trying to be the hero now? Let’s not be harsh, Niki. This could easily turn into a life or death matter,” he says as he lifts up a gun, then slips it back into his pocket.

“You can’t just demand everything and get it to go your way. You should know that by now because it’s happened so many times. Your concentration is a little sketchy. Truthfully, I’m shocked Jay even wants to help you.”

“Stop!” Niki shouts.

“Oh, I’m just getting started. Give me the money, Niki. This is not a little game, this is real life and you’re not in a fairytale. It’s reality. Everything here is real.”

“How much?” Niki says, digging through her wallet.

“Don’t give him anything, Niki!” Jay shouts.

“Don’t pay attention to him. Give me the money and I’ll let you be. Jay will be let go and I’ll give back the makeup. This is your move. This can all be over, or it can get a whole lot harder. I’m not playing around this time, Niki. Give me the money.”

“If I have learned anything from Jay, it’s not to give up.” Niki closes her wallet. “I won’t give you any money. I won’t give you anything.”

“That is a bad move, Miss Britina. Someone could get hurt.” As soon as he says that he takes out his gun and shoots Jay right in the leg. Jay screams out in pain and agony.

“Words have power, Niki, and you used the wrong words. See you soon, I’ll be back and next time I’ll get what I came for, no matter what!” He shouts as he fires with his gun into the air and speeds of into the pitch black night. Niki runs over to Jay.

“Jay, Jay are you ok?!” Niki shouts.

“Call 911,” he whispers, “And Niki, no matter what happens, I will always love you, no matter what.” Then Jay blacks out and Niki calls 911 and as Jay is pulled into the ambulance and sped away to the hospital, Niki bursts into tears.

Chapter 5

In the morning, Niki got out of bed, knowing that this time she couldn’t do this with Jay. Today was the big fashion show and she was all alone. Jay was in the hospital and all her friends except Emma had dumped her at last week’s fashion show. She sits on her bed and thinks about what she was going to do, so she calls Emma and asks her to come over.

10 minutes later Emma’s car pulls up and Emma hops out. “So what’s the problem?” she says.

“Someone stole my makeup!” Niki replies.

“No way! How are you gonna get it back?”

“I have a plan but it would involve getting Nicole, Zoe, Kathrin, Ella and all of the other models that Nicole probably told.”

“Why don’t you just text them to meet you here and apologize? I think they deserve one.”

“Ok” says Niki, “I’ll get the phone.” After a LOT of convincing, Niki finally gets all 28 models to come over to her house.

“I am so sorry,” Niki says, “I was being very selfish and I didn’t mean to hurt any of your feelings. I am so sorry, can you please forgive me?”

All the models think and think until they finally came up with a solution. Nicole speaks, “If you really are sorry, you will let every single one of us over for a sleepover after the fashion show and we can all do each other’s hair, dress up, and use your makeup.”

“Yes we can do that but the only problem is some crook stole my makeup, every single thing, lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, you name it. All gone, even the perfume.” There were gasps all around.

“Every single thing!” says Lauren.

“Every single thing,” Niki replies, “But there is a way to get it back. I have a plan, but I am going to need all of you. Are you in?”

“Anything for you, Niki.” Ella replies, “And thanks for apologizing.”

“Ok, here’s my plan. We all sneak into the robber’s house and half of us will look for all my makeup and the other half will take all the weapons so if he’s there or comes back he won’t have anything to defend himself with.”

“Sounds like a plan, let’s do it!” Morgan shouts. As they all get in their cars, they use the email address to find the house address that the thief’s replies were coming from and they drive over there. They all get out of their cars and sneak to the front of the house. They had divided themselves into two teams and it was time to get Niki’s makeup back once and for all. The door was open so they quietly enter the house. They looked and looked, it appeared that the crook wasn’t home, then Jenna says, “Hey, there’s a secret door over here, come here everyone”. They push and pull until finally the door slides open and in the room is all of Niki’s makeup!

Everyone runs inside and starts carrying it out, but the door slams shut, “Going somewhere?” a voice says.

“Who…is…that..?” Emma says, her voice shaky.

“Niki, you haven’t introduced me to your friends. Who are these lovely ladies?”

“Just give it up, S. We’ve got you outnumbered,” Niki says.

“Are you sure?” As soon as he says that, the door slides open and out come 25 muscular body guards.

“Does that even the odds a little bit, Niki? Get them!” The bodyguards circle Niki and her friends.

“Get ready girls!” Nicole shouts, “Throw!” All of a sudden every single one of Niki’s friends take off their high heels. They fly through the air and hit each body guard in the head, hard, so hard that they fall unconscious.

“Thanks everybody.” Niki replies.

“You’re our friend, we’d do anything for you.” Emma says. They all hug.

“I don’t mean to interrupt, but the bad guy is escaping.” Caren says.

“He won’t get far.” Niki replies.

“Why do you say that?”

“I called the police before we got here.” Niki says, “They should be here right about now.”

“Freeze! Anything you say or do can be used against you in the court of law,” a police officer says.

“OMG, we have 10 minutes to get to the fashion show! We’re going to be late and we don’t even have time to get ready!” Nicole shouts.

“Yes you do, we can use mine.” Niki says.

“Thank you so much Niki, you’re the best!”

As all the girls get ready the police come in and ask Niki if she had found what she wanted.

“Yes,” she replies.

“I’ll get you for this, Niki Britina, I will!” S says as he leaves with the police.

No one pays him any attention. Finally after everyone got ready they race to the fashion show. Everyone has a great time. As soon as it is over, Nicole says, “I call the lipstick first!” as she rushes to her car.

“Oh no you don’t!” everyone shouts as they race to Niki’s house.

Once they get there and all the girls are doing makeup, Niki gets a phone call.

“I’ll get it,” she shout. Once she picks up the phone, it is Jay who answers.

“I heard what you did, Niki. That was very brave. Nice work!” And he hangs up.

The End

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  1. I read the first chpt, really liked it. I’m a boy myself so I’m usually not intrested in this sort of thing but you did a really awesome job.

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