World Class Heroes (Exerpt)


In the middle of nowhere, there was an old den. In this old den, something very evil was about to be hatched, and only a great group of heroes could stop it.


World Class Heroes: The Big Crossover

Chapter 1

Dr. Dupont was fixing the time machine. He had decided to take a break from using the time machine for a while until he could fully control the effects of time. Until then, Dr. Dupont would focus on other experiments. In his den were some very unique artifacts. What was so unique about the artifacts was that they didn’t yet exist. All of them came from the future. One notable artifact was Dr. Dupont’s Speedster 2000, his signature go kart for Extreme Go Karting. The whole story of his Extreme Go Karting match, as well as his trip to the future, was very complicated. It started when his time machine crashed, and he fell in the future. It had all came down to this: Dr. Dupont desperately needed to fix his time machine. Dr. Dupont went around, making the finishing touches to the time machine.


Chapter 2

Mr. Moore was in the house, taking a look at the broken attic. The attic was the secret room the owner had made. It was very haunted, as there was a secret shadowy figure coming and taking the people who were visiting the house and putting them in a vault. Mr. Moore had been traveling with some friends and he had stumbled upon the house. The owner had let him stay in the house, but as we all know, they discovered that the house was haunted. Mr. Moore had decided he wanted to investigate more and so throughout the months, he had opened up the Horror Investigations Academy. All he needed to do right now was take a rest and not think about what he had realized after the whole mishap. “No crazy horror story can scare me,” he said.


Chapter 3

Detective Sharp was in a big building while Patrick was at home watching TV. He was in no ordinary building; it was the S.P.I.E.S. building, or Secret Police International Espionage Security building. It was the building where the S.P.I.E.S. agents would hang out and get new missions. It was also where they would meet. Detective Sharp had heard that General Alfonzo, the leader at S.P.I.E.S., was having a meeting to discuss a big idea. The General had needed Sharp in the meeting. The building was huge, with labs, scientists, secret agents, computers, tests, and lots of cool technology.

“I would definitely want to work in this place,” said Sharp.

In the meeting room, there were lots of people. Some Sharp had known from the past while others he had not known. One thing was for sure, the place was really loud. Then, everyone was seated down as the General gave a very large speech about his new project.

The General said, “For years we have had terror in the U.S., and in the world. While our soldiers can handle taking out the enemy, it is the sheer idea that we can not take out most enemies on our own, resulting in a large hard battle and hundreds of agents dying. Plus, we need a team to take out the larger unknown threats that happen to this day. That is why I have decided to start Project Crossover. Project Crossover will create a team of heroes to save the world when needed. We will tell you the official list of candidates later. Alright, everyone can leave now.”

Everyone started leaving the building in relief that the General was finished with his speech. Just as Sharp was leaving, General Alfonzo said that he would send an email to all the current contenders, or people who don’t work for S.P.I.E.S. but receive their daily updates and go to their events with the final list of members in Project Crossover. Sharp had lots of time to think about what would happen in Project Crossover.


Chapter 4

While Detective Sharp was leaving the S.P.I.E.S. building, he noticed that it was busy. Inside the S.P.I.E.S. building, there were lots of things going on. There were scientists taking tests, rooms filled with people on computers, security guards guarding the vault of weapons and dangerous items, as well as a large guarded prison filled with some of the most dangerous criminals. All the agents had their own rooms. The cool weapons at S.P.I.E.S included the Laser Blaster 2000, the Light Ray, the Gattling Grinder, as well as The Repulsor. S.P.I.E.S. also had cool cars with lots of guns. There were even flying cars. One agent was called down by General Alfonzo. The agent went down to General Alfonzo’s office. While going to the General’s office, he started hearing weird sounds. He quickly pulled out his gun and turned back. As the agent was walking, he decided to place a security button on the floor. The security button could detect danger from the amount of distance its shockwave caught. As the agent was turning back, he heard the button make the shocking noise. It sounded like a buzz. The agent came and started firing bullets. He could not see anything suspicious. Then, as he was moving toward the button to catch the mysterious person, something hit him. The agent was on the floor, dead, as a circle of blood lay on the floor with his body.


Chapter 5

A medium-sized man walked up to the agent’s dead body. He saw the body and smiled evilly. Then he warped over to an old abandoned den. The den was no ordinary den, as it was the supervillain hideout. All the famous supervillains hung out and they hatched their evil plans in the den. The supervillains started getting cameras and recording equipment. The different supervillains were all in different places. Shape-Shifting Man was in charge of the light, the Time and Space Wizard was using the main camera and the Anti-tective was setting up the computer.

He hacked into the S.P.I.E.S. internet and all the S.P.I.E.S. workers could see the video. What showed up was the supervillains’ leader, Mass Executioner.

Mass Executioner said, “Greetings humans. I have hacked your computers.”

“Cut,” the Time and Space Wizard said. ”Anti-tective hacked the computers.”

“Grrgh,” Mass Executioner said. He said, “Anyway, Anti-tective has hacked your computers. As you can see, I am planning to take over the world with my … my … my … wait, what was the superweapon called again?”

Just saying, we’re live so they can see what embarrassing things you’re doing. Anyway, the weapon was called Ex-Mass Pro. Remember, it’s a parody of X-Mas. You want to anchor your speech,” said Shape-Shifting Man.

“Fine,” Mass Executioner said. He added, “Wait a moment, then I will continue.” After the setup, Mass Executioner went back to his speech. “As you can see, I am planning to take over the world with my Ex-Mass Pro. Now, to end the speech, I will tell you a little story. Not only did I kill one of your soldiers, I also … dang it, I forgot.”

Anti-tective said, “Dang it, the line was ‘I also shut off your power so now you cannot see what evil stuff I am doing.’”

Mass Executioner said, “I also shut off your power so now you cannot see what evil stuff I am doing.”

Then, Anti-tective hacked the computers so that the live stuff was shut off.


Chapter 6

The message that Mass Executioner had delivered made General Alfonzo furious, although some of the workers were laughing at the horrible mistakes that Mass Executioner made.

“We need to set up the team, fast!” he said. General Alfonzo went to his office and then came back a few seconds later with a full list of candidates for Project Crossover. Then, General Alfonzo went to his computer to email the S.P.I.E.S. attendants. Meanwhile, Dr. Dupont, Detective Sharp, and Mr. Moore were all checking their email and found the Project Crossover candidate list. They were really shocked by the official candidates. They were all on the list.

Dr. Dupont wondered how he was going to stop a new threat. All he had was a time machine. But he also had his other inventions, even his Speedster 2000. Dr. Dupont felt like Doctor Who. Mr. Moore thought that his skills as a horror investigator would definitely be the reason why he was on the team. Detective Sharp wasn’t surprised, as he knew that he was a worthy person for this new team. The final member was unknown, as they were only referred to as the Inventor. Dr. Dupont, Detective Sharp, and Mr. Moore were all ready to start their new adventure.


Chapter 7

Detective Sharp was walking over to the S.P.I.E.S. building for the team’s first meeting. As he was driving to the building with Patrick, a crazy maniac was flying in a plane toward a building. Inside the building, Sharp and Patrick made it to General Alfonzo’s office. General Alfonzo said, “Alright, let’s introduce ourselves, then I will tell you the problem and how we will handle it.”

Everyone introduced themselves, then Sharp asked, “Who was the crazy maniac flying in the plane and why is he on the team?“

General Alfonzo replied, “That is the Inventor. He is great at creating inventions and supplies us with the best weapons and gear.”

Sharp replied, “Why does he have a crazy attitude?”

General Alfonzo replied, “Listen up, Sharp, we have to be nice on this team. You shouldn’t judge someone if they’re weird. Besides, he might come in use later. Anyway, yesterday we received a cryptic message from a new threat — the Mass Executioner. He plans to take over the world with the Ex-Mass Pro. We need you all to stop him and his minions. Tomorrow you will break into his satellite station. It is guarded by many robots so use your skills to defeat them.”


Chapter 8

As if time hadn’t passed,  the first day had passed and the heroes were ready for their first mission. General Alfonzo assigned everyone to their roles. He said, “Alright, here’s the plan. Dr. Dupont, you go back in time to a time when the robots left the satellite station. Then, you can go to the computers and delete the data. Sharp and Patrick, you sneak up and take the robots out. The Inventor will take out the aerial guards. And lastly, Mr. Moore will pull out the power.”

The heroes went to their places and started the mission. Dr. Dupont went in his time machine and traveled to Sunday, March sixth. The robots had to go to the evil lair to talk to Mass Executioner. So Dr. Dupont went into stationary mode and deactivated the satellite.

Stationary Mode was a mode that allowed Dr. Dupont to do things that wouldn’t produce an effect that would last forever, but would affect the future. It would only affect the future for a bit. However, if the effect is interfered with, then the interference stays. The reason Dr. Dupont didn’t want to permanently change the hacking was because the robots had lots of satellites that were given to them by Mass Executioner. Therefore, they could easily replace the hacked one.

Once Dr. Dupont hacked the station, Detective Sharp threw a bomb in the smoke pipe. It fell all the way to the wifi connection wires. The wires were in the middle of the station so there would be a big bang. The robots were surprised by the hacking. Then, Detective Sharp activated the bomb and then the station went BOOM!!! The Inventor had flown in the air and shot the aerial guards. The team was starting to leave until, the robots came out of the destroyed station, very angry. The team started to fight. Sharp and Patrick pulled out their revolvers and started shooting the robots. But the bullets were no match for the robot’s armor. Dr. Dupont went back to present day to see the chaos. He quickly grabbed his super sonic laser weapon and deactivated the robots. The inventor went in his plane and started blasting the robots. The robots were weakened and the surviving ones retreated.

The team shook hands, and General Alfonzo came and said, “I am so proud of you all. Keep up the good work.”

Then Detective Sharp said to the Inventor, “You actually did good. I regret saying that you were a crazy maniac. Do you want to be friends?”

The Inventor replied, “Yeah we can be friends.”

The team went to the plane and flew back to S.P.I.E.S.


Chapter 9

Some robots were flying to Mass Executioner’s lair.

The robots said, “Master, some people came and weakened us. Half of our army has been deactivated.”

Mass Executioner came and asked the robots, “Who were they?”

The robots replied, “We don’t know. They were random individuals. There was no team name or anything else.”

Mass Executioner said, “Find these people and their master.”

Meanwhile, Detective Sharp, Mr. Moore, Dr. Dupont, and The Inventor were all hanging out and having coffee. Then, General Alfonzo came and directed the team to a new mission. That mission turned out well. Throughout the next few days, the team was doing successful in their missions. The bad guys were getting weakened and one day, the team defeated a group of robots and retrieved a map of a large castle. The team realized that the old den was a decoy and that the villains had a real secret lair that was very big.

General Alfonzo said, “Tomorrow we will invade the lair and defeat the enemy. The evil lair is hard to navigate so we will split into teams. Everyone get some sleep, okay?”

Detective Sharp said, “We should make a team name.”

The Inventor asked, “What should we name it?”

Dr. Dupont said, “Well, we are all people of the world, we are a class, then we are obviously heroes. We should call ourselves the World Class Heroes.”

Everyone agreed and so the World Class Heroes got some sleep for the big day.


Chapter 10

The heroes woke up and got ready. Sharp was given a better gun instead of the bad revolver. General Alfonzo took the map of the castle and made coordinates to the homeworld of the villains, which was called Otherworldly Prime. Otherworldly Prime was a place which robots had taken over, and it had been turned into a big lair where the robots thrived under Mass Executioner. The S.P.I.E.S plane had to fly for 88 miles an hour and then the portal to Otherworldly Prime would activate.

The reason that the plane had to fly 88 miles an hour was because Otherworldly Prime existed in a place that could only be accessed by super speed. If the plane flew 88 miles an hour, it would fly so fast that it would be too unstable for planet Earth and they would land in Otherworldly Prime. The plane loaded the whole team and General Alfonzo. Then, the plane flew so fast most of the people on board started feeling nauseous. The portal activated and the team, including General Alfonzo, were all in the plane, while it was falling in a big blue hole. The big blue hole was so bright.

Then, after some time, the team made it to Otherworldly Prime. Otherworldly Prime was a space-looking place which had barely any people and barely any inhabitants. The team could see a futuristic castle in the distance. They assumed it was the lair and went over to it. But then, the floor stood up and the team was standing on a big block. The bottom then turned into acid and therefore, the team was stuck. Dr. Dupont found a code device. He quickly unraveled the code and a set of tiles showed up. Detective Sharp used his detective skills and found that a certain number of tiles would hurt the person who stepped on them while another number of tiles would not hurt the person who stepped on them. The Inventor quickly stuck up his foot and attempted to step on the tile.

But then, he took it back. Dr. Dupont studied the tiles with his sonic laser weapon. He determined the correct tiles and directed the team to the correct path. The team was led to another big block. On the big block, there were five sets of laser traps. There were tiles in between them. The Inventor determined that if you stepped on those tiles, the laser traps would activate. The laser traps were blocking the exit to the obstacle. General Alfonzo noticed other paths next to the laser traps. The paths had the key to deactivating the laser traps. General Alfonzo split the team into halves and each half went to each path.

Detective Sharp and the Inventor went on the left path, while Dr. Dupont and Mr. Moore were on the right path. We haven’t been talking about Mr. Moore for a long time. Anyway, Detective Sharp and the Inventor noticed that there was a tunnel with a lever. The lever deactivated the left side of laser Dr. Dupont and Mr. Moore found a code. Dr. Dupont unraveled the code and the right side of laser traps were deactivated.

This time, there was no block that appeared. General Alfonzo used his plane remote to bring the plane to the big block they were standing on. The team hopped in the plane and it flew. General Alfonzo noticed some fighter jets and they engaged in a large dogfight. All the planes were shooting bullets and the team’s plane couldn’t handle it. But they noticed that they were close to the big castle and they didn’t lose hope. The plane shot down the fighter jets and as they were getting close to the big castle. Just then, after going through lots of fighter jets, they had made it. They were standing in front of the entrance of the castle.

To be continued…

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