Teddy Bear



Remember your teddy bear?

The one that was worn around the edges?

You took it everywhere with you

But your arms were too short to hold it off the ground

So its left foot

Dragged on the pavement


Remember the tea parties

You used to have with it?

You’d call it Miss Franchez

Or Fran for short

You would sleep with it

Because it fought the monsters

So they wouldn’t hurt you

But maybe the monsters were too big


I remember when you went outside to play

It was raining,

But you refused to leave her inside

And when I found her on the

Edge of the highway


Her frail body soaked through with water

And one perfect rain drop under

Her button eye your perfect little shoe was

Laying next to


I carry her in my purse

So that I remember you

Her one remaining eye is falling out,

And the wool in left leg

Is almost gone

But I keep her anyway

You wouldn’t have thrown

Her out


They still haven’t found you

And most people have forgotten

But I still go to the highway

Every night with Fran

And we wait for you to come back

You will come back, right?



You used to carry me everywhere

And tell me stories about candy trees

And the dragon at the end of the street

We used to have tea parties

And adventures to the moon

I fought the purple monster under

Your bed

So it couldn’t take your dolly

Remember that?


I remember when we went out to play

And the big woman told

You not to bring me because

Because it was raining too hard

But you never left me

You promised you wouldn’t


But when the big man grabbed you,

You dropped me on me ground

It was cold there

Why’d you drop me?

You said it was just going to be another adventure

So why’d you leave?


But now the the big woman

Carries me around

And I see your face smiling at me

I call out to you

But you never answer


She takes me to the highway

Every day

And we wait for you to come back

You will come back, right?



I remember all the adventures we had

And your soft wool

Hugging me at night

I remember the tea

You used to help me make

It was orange juice but i always

Told you it was tea


Remember the exciting stories

You would tell

About the purple monster under

My bed

But I was never really afraid.

My memories are worn around

The edges

And your button eyes

Stopped looking real

But I still wait


Because I know one day

You will find me

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