Dream in The First Place

Soft feet spring like flying stars

And a day turns to a day turns to a day

Never mind reality when you can ride with a dreamer,

Who wants a grumbling stomach thirsting for revenge,

A bird calling its children home and finding the world,

Who wants music flooding their ears,

A flower as soft as love brushing your cheeks,

who wants a dagger sharp as love piercing their lip,

A scar built and made by unfocused hands,

Who wouldn’t want to say “I love you” in the rain and thunder crash,

A ship sinking so well it forces laughter,

Life can be a burden, death can be a release,

And I can find my worth, my solitude, my soul

While flying on the shoulders of dreamers

And encased in a hungry love,

But the water that flows cannot be drunk,

And I can bathe in my words.

I am searching my pit of pillows,

Next to a soft ray of sunlight,

Blue skies actually bring me down

But gray skies are my beauty,

I say it all but think not a thing,

I can’t count my days of not believing,

But those few days unmasked are only mine,

Never mind the stories published but listen to mine untold.

A fingertip can bend the scale

But your weights slammed won’t do a thing

Awaken by truth makes me long for fiction,

And you tell me to get my head out of the clouds,

Well, you can’t see the stars,

My short time away is a rich one,

I won’t have time to be reasonable when I’m lying on the moon,

The winds of my lungs whisper in and out

Your heartbeat beats a steady rule

Mine is dancing, it’s leaping and laughing.

Today a newspaper cracked my fantasy,

My sobs cracked a heart

My scream cracked a mirror,

And you say life is a train moving on,

I’m going to be slumped left behind,

A stain of grief blotted on the surface of no one caring,

A hand pulls me around the curve

Smiles stretch onto fake crying faces,

Bending their elastic lies,

So I soar away on the wings of a dream I spun myself,

I built the wings while falling in a jumbled heap that flew

And you dare say I’m not strong

Never mind and let it all be gone,

The sharp dagger of love will make its move

It will claim me and take me as a casualty,

Isn’t everyone just so tired of holding on?

One day I can see what was here all along if I’m lucky enough

If I can gather my breath and dreams and release and let go

And allow the slipping that welcomes me and my dreams

If they ever were dreams in the first place.

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