If Time Stopped

If time stopped, would the Earth keep spinning? Would the planets orbit the sun, turning their nights into days? Would time only freeze for us, down on our lonely little planet? Would the universe keep moving?

If time stopped, we would have forever. We would spend eternity together, thinking about all that we might have done. Wondering what would have changed if we had lived differently. Pondering the infinite possibilities of everyone, and everything. All the places we might have been, all the things we might have seen.

If time stopped, we would lose our minds. We would waste each day, clinging desperately to our last shred of sanity, all the while thinking of the what-ifs, the might-haves. Frozen in our little bubble of infinity, never to move again. Never to grow old, explore, or create. Never to see new life. Never to gain wisdom. Never to fulfill a dream. Never to wish upon a star. Never to love, cry, laugh, smile, frown. Never to scream, sing, dance, spaz. Never to know a new story. Just the same story, repeated countless times.

If time stopped, we would forget ourselves. Our souls would be lost, our hearts faded, our minds useless.

If time stopped, there would be no point to life.

Enjoy it while you can.


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