Minds of Empty – Chapter One

Entry 1) Flash Drive


An alarm went off at two. This could mean only one thing, someone was in the catacombs.  

Alex was stepping out of his room.

“How’s the guy lasted so long?” Alex asked.

“Different host each time. Whenever he gets shot, or he deems his body unfit, the demon just possess the unlucky person who picks up his flash drive. In other words, he’s still out there.”

“So the only way to kill him is to destroy the flash drive.”

“We aren’t sure if that’d work. He may have copies.”

“So no matter how many times we exorcise him, he’ll crawl right back from Hell.”

Cape Town’s criminals had adapted their drug industry to include cleaners, so much so that Cape Town had become one of the largest cities for what they sold… and these gangs were dangerous. Their leaders knew seemingly everything crime-related. Their underlings swore a pledge giving complete memory control. Slaves were also kidnapped and given fake testimonies. If they ever found out who they were, their memories were erased. The memories were given to their leaders, giving them the knowledge of entire gangs. The police used memory implants as a new technology. In Cape Town, memories were gold.

At 18:54 South African Time, a knock on the door could be heard. It was some a South African cop with a search warrant. Jacqueline was the one to answer it.

“Hello,” the officer greeted her with a thick African accent. “Is Nathan Daniels here?”

“Ya sure,” she said, pulling out her phone. “Give me just a second.”

With this opportunity, she used her phone to signal a lockdown in the facility.

“He’ll be right with you.”

As she walked away, the cop grabbed her arm. “Allow me to accompany you, little girl.”

“I wouldn’t want to take up too much of your time.”

“Oh, nonsense–”

He was cut off by her freeing herself and saying. “I’ll be under a minute.”

As she turned away, the gun concealed in her unzipped jacket became briefly visible.

“You’re not old enough to own one of those,” the cop said slyly.

“Laws can’t stand in the way of survivors.”

As she said this, she pulled out her pistol and pointed it at him.

“…and how long should this hold me off? Hours, days, weeks even. But there’s no chance in where I reside that it’ll stop me,” Jacob said, grabbing her throat, shoving her against a wall, and cutting off her oxygen. “When I’m done with you, you’ll be me, and so will your brother, and Alex, as well as the rest of you rats. There’ll be an army of me!”

“Says the guy who lived in the sewer for three months,” Alex commented. He had his shot gun cocked.

Jacob then released Jacqueline from his clutches and stared directly into the eyes of Alex, uttering, “Why must I make this speech? You simply can’t kill me. I am neither dead nor alive. I merely am and shall continue to be until the end of time.”

“If the whole entire universe is you, who will be around to fear you?” Nathan came in to ask.

“Perhaps I shall let a few unfortunate victims go, after all; wipe their memories clean. But in the meantime, it will bring me great pleasure in seeing my plague wipe out all that can remember.”

“And you start with us? People with no memory?” Alex laughed.

“What challenge will there be once we’re gone? Mob bosses and government officials?” Nathan asked with a hint of sarcasm.

“Good point, let’s mix things up shall we,” responded Jacob, grinning.

“Look pal, you’re not the only one who’s unlikable,” Nathan said, seeing the fear in Jacob’s eyes.

This made Jacob laugh, striking fear into all but Nathan.

“We’ll see about that.”

Jacob then pulled out his revolver and shot Nathan just below the heart.

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