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Cerebral Hawk and the Combo are an LA based, indie rock band. With their first album, “Hate People, Love Small Rodents,” they demonstrated their love for simple, guitar based melodies with aggressive percussion. Their breakout song, “High Schoolers Makes Me Nauseous,”  featured the lead singer, Blackout Betty, with her extensive and expressive vocals. Cerebral Hawk and the Combo promise a new album soon, but for now, they are touring Siberia.


Lyona R: Over Labor Day weekend, I wanted to go to a fun, low key concert nearby.  Since they were touring in Ohio and I live in the Grand Canyon, it was a pretty short drive. I went with a few of my friends, fellow indie rock enthusiasts like myself. When we arrived, expecting a chill, fun day, we were totally taken aback. The guitarist and drummer had gone out to go get tacos, and the lead singer and the bass player were the only remaining players. The singer was very dramatic and spent forty five minutes crying into the mic. She thought that they had left forever, since apparently both the guitarist and drummer hated tacos. The bassist was very awkward and tried to get the crowd revved up and started playing some music, but the singer pushed him off the stage. When the guitarist and drummer came back with coffees, the singer was so moved, she threw herself at them, and they dropped their coffees, which broke the amps and nearly electrocuted everyone. Needless to say, I had a terrible time. One star, because the singer had cool hair.


Krazy Kyle: I love Cerebral Hawk and the Combo! They are so good! I have been to every concert, except the one in Ohio, because I live in Michigan, and that’s much too far. I highly recommend them! The lead singer is very chill, fun, and sometimes dramatic, but what would you expect from a musician? Go see them! They are great! Five stars from this guy!


Judy W: I went to go see Cerebral Hawk and the Combo with my children because I thought it was a scientific and educational band. It was not! Do not be fooled! We went to a concert in Boston in May and it was terrible! The leader singer had very unbecoming hair, the bassist was awkward, but the drummer and guitarist were very handsome. Nevertheless, none of them wore enough clothing and their songs were all rock and roll! No thank you! I wish we had gone to see Minions instead, that’s for sure!  Zero stars.


Tyrannan Lee: I went to go see Cerebral Hawk and the Combo because I loved their song, “High Schoolers Make Me Nauseous.” So imagine my surprise when I saw the amount of teens there. I hate teenagers! Many near me talked about weed and yolo and I wanted to throw up. The songs were okay, though. Three stars.

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