Los Angeles

Through the Cracks

Harper Ragle, age 14


Caroline Lee Chou, age 16


Filiz Fish, age 13


Tallie Goldberg, age 12

Maria Merian: The Butterfly Woman

by Mabel Alexander, age 12

Cheers or Tears

by Satya Chang, age 13

Best Friends Wait What!!!

by Ludovico Cordara, age 12

Fatal Feelings

by T.B.Swelstad, age 15

Jefferey Harrington

by Deren Qian, age 12

The McDonald Murder

by Sam Kadin, age 12

The Cheese Thief

by A Tobey, age 15

Where the Sun Goes

by Julia Marcus, age 13

The Tail of Turtle Beach

by Neena Chick, age 13

Welcome to the Labyrinth

by Anisa C., age 14


by Anna Kite, age 15


by Eli Hempelmann, age 15


by Julissa Cruz, age 15

The Forest

by Eli Hempelmann, age 15


by Penelope Stoller, age 12

Perfect is a Knife

by Alix Erlij, age 13

The Diner

by Alix Erlij, age 13


by Karen Wu, age 14

Elementary Years

by Alix Erlij, age 13


by Mattea Bellomo

Field Trip: An Account of the Earth Invasion (2677)

by Harry Tarses, age 13

Everything Perfect

by Karen Wu, age 13

Siri’s Story

by Nava Gelb


by Amelia Wirick, age 13

Ghost Rider

by Ayla Kattler, age 12

House Arrest

Robin Manansala

The Magical Place

Taylor Swelstad

Winter Fashion

By Isabella Rhow, age 13

Time machine

By David Liu, age 13

The Story of Scaricia

by Jerry, age 13

The Inner Souls of Fog Bank

by Ella Beyer, age 12

James Potter II and the Lake of Dreams

by David Liu, age 13

A Cat in the Chamomile

by Lily Taggart, age 13

Her Silhouette

by Zoe Zelken, age 15

Home Is Where The Family Is

by Serena Perl, age 12

A Short Story

by Ashley Ware, age 13

The Ugly Journey

by Nathen Garson, age 13


by Jemma Clarke, age 12


by Adele Carcano, age 13

The Wind and Other Poems


The Subway


The Adventures of Mr.Toast

by Djuna Appel Riehle

A Wonderful Happening

by Sophia Andrade

Dear Flip Flops,


Ku Ku’s Adventure

By Ashley Chow


By Mikaila Ishaaya

Glen Coco

Rosee Mercer

The Medal Mystery

By Ashley Chow

Selfish Security

by Kyle Lundberg

The Broken Chain

by Riley Young

The Creature of Bassnovia

by Sophia Andrad

American Food in France

by Lila Doliner

The Genius

By Riley Young

Hidden Secrets

by Alison Oh

The Makeup Mysteries