A Short Story



The tiny girl watched the older one in disbelief. No one had not returned her hellos before!

“Look,” the older one said, placing a hand on her hip, “I’m six. So I am older than you and you have to listen to me!”

The small girl was confused. She was four, why did she have to listen to anyone? Kids were supposed to be treated like babies until they reached fourth grade, or so she thought. They were supposed to be pinched on the cheeks and be cooed at, not follow instructions!

“Go clean my room,” the older child said, grabbing her Barbies and walking down the stairs. “Oh! And also, don’t touch my flowers. If you do…” The older girl dragged her finger in a line across her throat.

The little girl gulped and nodded. She scurried up the stairs, her eyes widened at the sight.

There were toys everywhere with no empty space on the ground! From wall to wall there was trash, food and toys. There were headless baby dolls on the floor, the walls were covered with dry gum and the carpet had changed from a caramel color to a disgusting poop-like color.

Hours passed and the room was slightly better. You could now see the poop-colored floor and the slightly pink walls.

“Little girl!” the older girl called from downstairs. “Are you done?”

“No! Not yet,” she called.

“Well, hurry it up!” There was a pause. “Oh, hello, mother!”

The older girl’s mother was a tall woman. She had shoulder-length light brown hair and green eyes. This was the little girl’s chance to get the older girl in trouble. Not doing her chores, would get her into serIous trouble. The little girl skipped down the stairs. “Hi, step-mommy!” the little girl said, wrapping her little girl arms round one of the woman’s legs.

“Oh, honey, why are you all dirty?” the woman asked as the little girl looked at the older one
The older girl was repeating the “I’ll kill you” sign.

“Older step-sissy made me clean her room!” The little girl giggled, grabbing the woman’s hand. “I want to show you! I want to show you!”

“Oh ok, just give me a minute to talk to older step-sissy,” the woman said in a stern voice before picking up the girl and bringing her into the kitchen. The little girl skipped up the stairs and listened to her step-mom telling off the older sister.

“How dare you make your little sister clean your disgusting room! I don’t want to hear any excuses, young lady! You are grounded!”

The woman came up the stairs. “Ok, sweetheart,” her step-mom said, “show me her newly clean room.” The younger girl dragged her mother by the hand into the now clean room.

“Wow! Her room hasn’t been this clean in forever! I’m so proud of you! Do you want to go get some ice cream?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” the little girl squealed. “Ice cream! Ice cream!”

Over the years, the older sister continued to torment the younger one until the older one went to college. At college, the older sister attended parties, failed and was kicked out.

The younger sister went to college, didn’t go to parties and passed with flying colors.

The younger girl grew up and now works at Apple as a boss. She lives in a mansion somewhere in Beverly Hills.

The older girl also grew up and is still older. She doesn’t work anywhere and lives off of unemployment. She lives in a shack in some unknown place.

So, the older girl saved up some money and called her sister on one of those phones you see on the corner of the street.


“Y-yes, it’s me, big sissy.” The older girl coughed. “I need you to help me straighten up and find a proper place to live.

“I’m sorry, perhaps you wanted me to connect you to a representative. Okay, give me a moment,” a robotic voice said, then soon after, music started playing.

The older girl looked at the phone. Since she had lived in a shack after college, she had no idea of the new progress in technology. The older sister sat waiting on the phone to be connected to a representative.

“Hi, my name is Tanya. How may I help you today?”

“I need to speak with your boss. Can you connect me to her?”


“Do I need a reason why?”

“I need a reason why. Ma’am, if you are just going to waste my time, I’m going to have to hang up on you.”

“Fine. Do that.”

Beep. The call ended. The older sister wanted to throw the phone on the ground but she didn’t want to waste her four quarters. She had to find another way to reach her sister.

A few more years passed and the older sister had gotten a job. She had barely scraped up enough money to fly to California.

The older sister was boarding the plane when a voice came from the intercom.

“I’m sorry, folks, but due to volcanic ash in the air, we have to cancel the flight today.”

“What?!” the older sister shouted. “I saved up for years for this flight! You take me to California or I will get you!”

The older sister ended up getting a refund and buying another plane ticket. She flew to California and arrived at Apple.

“Hi,” she said to the lady at the front desk, “I’m here to see your boss. Um,” she repeated, “I am here to see your boss.”

The lady let her in after an hour of negotiating. She stepped into the elevator and went to the very top floor. Once the elevator opened, she stepped into the room.

“Hello?” the older sister said. “Is that you?”

The person in the large chair turned around and the older sister’s smile grew. It was her younger sister!

“Oh, I missed you! Listen, I need a job here and you can help me!” The older sister got on her hands and knees.

“No. Do you remember how you tormented me all throughout our childhood? Never.” The younger sister leaned forward and whispered, “Well, if I let you work here, then I’d be seen as a baby, but you can work next door with my good friend, Alejandro. Now goodbye.” The younger sister handed her a small business card with a picture of pizza on it.

The older sister ended up taking over for Alejandro when he passed away. Her pizza shop ended up being the biggest pizza shop ever until she died.

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