The sky is an endless path for Apollo to trek

his glorious reign flushes my face

I promise myself I can do anything

as the strings binding me unwind

flying with blue kites

chasing down Apollo

New leaves grow on hedges

peeking into the world

when autumn returns

the gardener will drive back

and they will fall like snow

barely given a chance

But I promise myself the moon is touchable

as I watch it slip away

staying shielded by tickling grass

The dark lit up by a thousand little fires

I wait

for a reason to drop from Apollo’s chariot

into my open palms


and if not, then raindrops

to hide my tears

Autumn comes and touches my face

with burning leaves stumbling towards their demise

Smile, child, she whispers

I’ll prove you can do anything

and I’ll put on a porcelain smile

knowing Apollo is tired too

stepping forwards, waving goodbye

to an endless season

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