The Wind and Other Poems

The Wind

Gentle breezes, summer winds,

popsicles dripping down childrens’ hands,

a laughing cry,

a sighing thought,

borrowed time,

a traveling drought,

lemonade set up to sell,

beautiful windows,

a little bird travels like a leaf in the breeze,

its life the gunman seized,

to make a dinner,

a silly thing,

for a life,

taken in the night,

oh, what a sight,

lost feathers traveled down,

the summer’s downy snow,

I feel sorry for those who’ve died,

those who’ve cried,

in the silent night.



A closing verse,

to finish the first,

a clock turned back,

to the time when we thought,

we could do anything we wanted,


embarrassing words make me feel,

like I’m wound up on a reel,

spending time with in myself,

a crazy action,

that made no sense at the time,

I feel…..



In the Night

In the night,

they come,

in the night,

we run,

in the night,

they scream,

in the night,

the thought makes me shiver,

in the night,

I wonder,

in the night,

I think.


A Poem

When you write it,

you feel…



like you aren’t the one controlling it.

Like floating.


Oink in a Rock

A little sound

came from the rock today

it was a pig’s

an oink

a bodiless voice

that calls me

makes me wonder

are pigs adorable?


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