The Medal Mystery

Chapter 1

Hi, my name is John. I am an Olympic swimmer. My life is pretty strange. First, I was born and adopted by animals. I could slither, run, swim, and swing on branches really fast.

Next, I lived in the forest of Brazil.

Third, the second day I was born, I had a tattoo on my arm.

My parents died the same day.

Next, in the last two years, I have been living with animals.

Before that, I was living with my aunt and uncle. I left them because they were extremely mean. So I built my own house. Now I live in my own house with maids and servants.

I have 10 gold medals, 9 silver medals, and 20 bronze medals all for swimming. I have been swimming at the 2008, 2004, 2000, 1996, and 1992 Olympics.

Now my house is in a city called Los Angeles. It is usually noisy because there are a lot of tourists. I am 29 years old. I have been to a lot of places in the U.S. and other countries. I like being a swimmer.

Chapter 2

Life in the last two years has been normal until now. Today is July 30th, which is my birthday. Today should have been fun and exciting, but instead it was sad. When I woke up, I saw that my medals were missing!

I asked my servants, “Did anyone see someone mysterious in here?”

One of my servants asked me, “Why?”

“Why!” I said, “Because my medals are missing.”

Then I found a note which read, “I’ll meet you again!” Then I found a series of other notes that led to Joey’s room. Joey is one of my servants.

Joey said, “I didn’t take it. I swear!”

Next I checked each of my servants’ rooms for any medals, but I didn’t find any.

Then Joey said, “Maybe you should check the news for a medal thief.” And when I turned the TV screen on, I saw a picture of the medal thief! He was tall and strong, but the TV didn’t show where the thief lived or what his name was.

So then I went over to my detective friend’s house. He asked me what happened, and I said a thief broke into my house and stole my medals.

My friend told me to go visit the police station. I went over to the police station and talked to the chief. I told him that somebody stole my medals, so he said he would come over to my house to find other clues.

So later that day he came over and looked, but he didn’t find anything. I showed him the note, but he said that he would keep it safe and look for other clues about the note, and if he found any clues he would call me.

When he left, I was very upset. That night I had a very big meal so I wouldn’t be upset. After that I watched TV and went to bed. But then, I woke up later that night and heard a mysterious voice which told me to come over to the other room. It turned out it was Joey the servant saying that he had discovered a new clue!

Chapter 3

Once I asked Joey what happened, he said that he had heard some mysterious sound outside. I looked outside. I saw two bad guys that looked like they were the ones who stole my medals.

I told Joey to tell the other skilled gunmen, my servants, to get some guns from the gun room so we could scare them. All of the servants hid behind something. I opened the door and ran to the couch nearby to hide. The criminals were very happy because they saw a ton of gold on the floor. Apparently they did not know that the skilled gunmen were behind the couch.

Once one of the criminals touched the gold, 20 police officers and my servants took out the guns and scared the two of them. The criminals left so quickly that they dropped one of my medals. I called the police chief and told him that I found a gold medal.

I arrived at the police station, and I gave the medal to the police. He told me he would look for more clues.

Once I left the station, 10 robbers captured me. A gangster told me that his name was Fernandez. He said that his gang was European. Next they put me to sleep and put me into their car. Then they sped off in their Lamborgini to Denver where their meeting spot was.

Chapter 4

Once I woke up, we were in Aspen, Colorado. When we arrived, I got locked inside a cell. The cell was damp and cold.

The next morning, I woke up to find myself still inside the same cell. I had forgotten that I was in Colorado. Once they gave me breakfast, they said to me that I had to take out $200 to get out of jail. I looked into my wallet. I only had $199.99! They said I somehow had to find an extra cent without leaving my cell, and that I had to give them the money before next Tuesday. That was five whole days away.

Once they left, I took out my knife, made a hole, climbed out, and went to the airport. A plane was going to L.A. in half an hour. When I looked around I saw a gang of bad guys coming for me. They were carrying pistols. I also saw a group of police officers. Once the bad guys ran past, the police took out their handcuffs and handcuffed them.

Then I went on the plane. When I was on the plane, I remember I heard the bad guys yell that the medals were back in Hollywood. On the plane, I planned my way of getting the medals back. Halfway to Los Angeles the plane ran out of gas, so I was stuck in Las Vegas. An hour later we went on a new plane to LAX.

When I arrived at LAX the police chief called me. He said that he found the thief and that tonight he was going to travel to Europe to sell the medals. I didn’t have much time! So I went over to the robber’s house but he wasn’t there.

Chapter 5

I saw an open window, so I crawled into the robber’s house. I saw my medals. I quickly grabbed them, but as soon as I took my medals, a voice said, “Going somewhere?” and closed the door.

The robber said that he wanted a fight. He tried to punch me, but he hit the wall instead. His hand started to bleed. I punched him. I also kicked him. I took out my phone and called the police station and told them that I found the medals and the thief. I was stuck inside the house.

Fifteen minutes later, the police arrived. They rescued me from the house and arrested the thief.

The thief escaped. He ran two blocks. Then he arrived at the airport. He jumped onto a plane that was going to Paris, France. So we got onto the next airplane that was going to Paris.

Once we arrived, we looked for the the thief. We couldn’t find him. I thought he must have changed his clothes. I looked around. I found the robber behind a stall full of potatoes. The police caught him, and asked what his name was. The robber said, “I’ll never tell you.” The police found his name on the side of the jacket. His name was John Paul. It said that he was from Texas. The robber said,”I used to be a good guy, but then I was interested in an academy. I did not know that it was an academy for criminals. Can you forgive me?”

I said yes.

Then we boarded a plane back to Los Angeles. The police took him to the LA county jail.

I went home and told everyone what had happened. I was happy.

The End

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