Ku Ku’s Adventure

chapter 1
Ku Ku is a robot that is armed for fighting and building. He is a funny talker. He used to go to school for robots. He used to be a miner.

chapter 2
Pot Rib is a good guy that got brainwashed into a bad guy when he and Ku Ku were mining together.

chapter 3
One day, Ku Ku was happily hugging his gold bars. There was a knock on the door.
“Can I come in and see your gold?” asked a voice.
“Who are you?” asked Ku Ku.
“I’m your brother,” Pot Rib said. Pot Rib came in wearing a shirt with a pink face, which is the same shirt Ku Ku’s brother wears. Pot Rib looked at the gold and took it. Then he ran out the door.
“I’ll get you for this, Pot Rib!” said Ku Ku. There were 50 gold bars. It cost 999 billion dollars!!! Ku Ku was sad.

chapter 4

Kuku tried to get the gold back. He ran after Pot Rib but he couldn’t catch him. Pot Rib was already running into his ship.
“This isn’t over, Pot Rib,” he yelled. When Pot Rib heard that, he was scared.
Ku Ku had to make something that could find Pot Rib. He had no money so he tried to find some metal to build a machine. When he was finished finding scraps of metal, he built a rocket ship to go to the other side of the world. He flew to the other side of the world. He brought a pistol and a sword with him. When he arrived, he tried to find Pot Rib. It took him a month to find him. Pot Rib was in his evil lair in the center of planet Druidia.
When he found him, Pot Rib was making a brainwasher. Ku Ku stopped Pot rib, and they started fighting. Ku Ku used his magic power to burn Pot Rib, but it didn’t do any good. Pot Rib was strong. When Pot Rib hit Ku Ku, it hurt him. He managed to get up and used all his strength to kill Pot Rib. Then Pot Rib died. Kuku found his 49 gold bars in Pot Rib’s evil lair. When he found it, he went home.

chapter 5
When Ku Ku came home, he saw something was wrong. He was missing a bar of gold. He went back to Druidia to find the bar, but Pot Rib’s lair was gone. Ku Ku was sad that he lost his bar of gold. When he thought back in time he remembered Pot Rib had another evil lair on planet Earth. So he thought he should check that one out, too. Then he went back in his rocket ship and flew back to Earth to find the other evil lair. When he got there, he broke through the door and searched the whole evil lair. It was very big, so it took him a long time to search.
When he found a secret room in the secret lair, Ku Ku found the missing bar of gold. It was turned into ashes because Pot Rib was trying to make something out of it. Ku Ku had to concentrate to use his magic powers to get the gold back into one piece, but it didn’t work. The gold was still broken.

chapter 6
Ku Ku went home and went back to work in the mine. He earned another gold bar and was happy again.


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