Reflections on COVID-19

Carousel Never Stops Turning

by Beth Metzendorf, age 14


by Gali Newman, age 13

A Message

by Percy Wayne, age 14


by Ashley Zheng, age 16

We’re Stronger Together, A Poem

by Anika Rajaram


by Ava Arasan, age 15

A Covid-19 Personal Essay

by Isaac Barrett, age 17

The Diaries of Privilege

by Rachel Lee, age 16

Carrying On in the Dark and Lonely Hour

by Susie Chege, age 17

And You Feel Like a Child

by Leigh Stern, age 17

A New Normal

by Katie McDermott, age 13

How to Help the Helpers

by Emma B, age 12

The Future

by Jakob Zapanta, age 14

COVID-19 Through the Eyes of a Teen

by Aravah Chaiken, age 13

Beyond the Walls

by Shirzad Mustafa, age 16

And So The Sun

by Lotus Kay, age 19

If I Had Known

by Mel Cort, age 15

A Collection of My Quarantine Feelings

by David Basich, age 18

Silver Linings of Self Quarantine

by Haley Dow, age 13

The Small Branches on the Oak Tree

by Ayla Kowalsky, age 12

Waiting for a Bounce

by Viola Hsia, by 17

Hello Coronavirus

by Victor Heras, age 18

Pandemics and Poker

by Teddy Lykouretzos, age 14

Separate, Together

by Ella Kim, age 13

Your Voice

by Chloee Yang, age 12

Silver Linings

by Emilie Difede, age 17

Beautiful Fragility

by Ruhani Chhabra, age 15

What I Hope I Sound Like Through a Gramophone

by Raynor Baker-Rosenberg, age 17

Letter to a Future Generation

by Isabelle Schreiner, age 14


by Caroline Krajicek, age 15

Light in the Darkness

by Sophia Rosenthal,

How COVID-19 Has Affected My Life: A Reflection on How It’s Going

by Raya Ilieva, age 10

Thoughts and Conceptions: COVID 19

by Robert Terentieff, age 18

Waiting for the Dawn

by Naomi Gertz, age 18

A Teenager Living Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

by Grant Gardner, age 18