Waiting for the Dawn

by Naomi Gertz, age 18
Waiting for the Dawn After living in Jerusalem during her junior year in high school, Naomi Gertz found her heart in Palestine. A year in the city revealed to her many of the struggles and tensions between the Israeli and Palestinian people, and she has decided to take her writing to a new level in order to promote peace and help resolve conflict there, where tensions are high, and apartheid governs the Palestinians' lives.

“Hushed, they wait in silence
Waiting for the sun”

The world is holding its breath,

Stiller than e’er before

We’re all waiting,

Waiting for something

Like the breath before dawn

When e’en birds stop their chatter

Hushed, they wait in silence

Waiting for the sun

I’ll join them in their vigil

Waiting for the dawn

Praying for this night to end

Needing to move on

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