Hello Coronavirus

by Victor Heras, age 18
Hello Coronavirus Victor Heras is a graduating senior from Rahway, New Jersey. Victor wrote this poem during the school year as a part of his AP Literature Class which he thoroughly enjoyed. Victor is also a guitarist and has won a prize for "Best Presenter" at a public speaking contest for his presentation on classical guitar. In his free time, Victor enjoys listening to and writing electronic music, acting in musicals, and all things related to science and technology.

“How do I comprehend this chaos?”

Hello Coronavirus.

I see you over there in China.

Lotta crazy stuff you’re doing.

Well, have fun.

Oh shoot. You’re in America.

I’m actually surprised you made it this far.

I guess I’ll have to take you more seriously

The government has ordered us all to stay home till you leave.

Shouldn’t take long.

What? You’ve conquered New York City?

The infection rate is still climbing?

Morgues are overflowing!

Edward’s entire family is infected!

COVID-19, You’re scaring me!

How do I comprehend this chaos?

Sensei, COVID. If I were to die tomorrow,

What would I gain?

What would I lose?

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