We’re Stronger Together, A Poem

by Anika Rajaram
We’re Stronger Together, A Poem Anika Rajaram is a rising 7th grader who enjoys playing chess, coding, doing math, and writing. She is very passionate about chess and holds the title of Woman's Candidate Master. She also enjoys reading books. Her favorite series is Harry Potter. In her free time, she enjoys reading, biking, and spending time with her family.

“The more people who work to defeat this,
Then the stronger we will be”

I was out there in a world,

That had no restrictions

To where I could go.

Until this monster arrived,

And it made me feel

Like I’m incarcerated,

That we are all incarcerated.

Nowhere for me to go,

Nothing for me to explore,

But that doesn’t matter,

Because some of us are risking their lives

To combat this.

We should thank them, because

Those who put their lives at stake,

Just to protect us,

Are doing something

That most of us may refuse to do.

Let this be something that inspires our posterity.

We will show that we were strong,

Even during the worst of times.

We’re stronger as a community.

We will get through this.

The more people who work to defeat this,

Then the stronger we will be.

A battle.

We must win this battle,

And defeat this monster,

Because if we work together,

Then we will be able to win,

And victory will be ours.

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