Light in the Darkness

by Sophia Rosenthal,
Light in the Darkness In her early years of school, Sophia was drawn to writing. She enjoyed the truth of poetry especially, though mainly focused on writing short stories herself. Outside of school, Sophia currently enjoyes reading, snowboarding, participating in youth groups, and volunteering at a ministry for youth with special needs. In terms of the pandemic, Sophia wanted to highlight the opportunity it presented for people to change their perspectives.

“There is an opportunity before us,
and we can use this time to change.”

To some, darkness is exploding,

to others, fear is closing in,

to many, sickness is taking hold,

and to all, life is changing. 

But there‚Äôs more than chaos here. 

We can find laughter in the silence,

light in the darkness, 

smiles through the tears,  

and beauty in the ashes. 

There is an opportunity before us,

and we can use this time to change. 

To change our outlook,

to change our priorities,

and to realize the peace of simplicity. 

For some, laughter is breaking through, 

for others, lights are illuminating the darkness,

for many, smiles are shining through tears,

and for all, beauty is being discovered.

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