by Gali Newman, age 13
We Gali Newman is 13 years old and lives in New York with their father, mother, brother and two dogs. Their favorite genre is sci-fi! They enjoy debating about politics and the philosophy of human society. They also play cello, bass guitar, guitar, ukulele and piano. They have written a number of fiction novels, as well as poetry. Along with that, Gali is fascinated by Biochemistry, and Quantum physics.

“We are, and always will be, humanity.”

Blurred lines between walls.

Impenetrable existence.

Hands cracked with soap stains, thoughts of a deadline escaping isolation.

Extending infinitely.

Walls are thick ink, when stepped on, shatter, taking form through unbreathable masks,

Withstanding the divide that already stood.

Differences dissolve, thicken on sides unimaginable. 

We are surrounded by clouds of dust. They gray our vision, stain our straightly cut clothing.

Scarring memories of evolution.

The walls between worlds sprout growth; show similarity. 

Grounding similarity.

Six feet apart, is this what brings us together?

Differences, flaws, all intertwine through a blurred connection.

We are, and always will be, humanity.

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