Your Voice

by Chloee Yang, age 12
Your Voice Chloee Yang is 12 years old, and she lives in Saratoga, CA. Her hobbies are drawing, playing the piano, playing the violin, reading, and writing poetry. She also wants people to take care of the environment.

“Write. Make your voice be heard.”

In the dismal darkness, there is

someone drifting among floating

papers. Staring above.

Hoping for a light. Hoping for someone to

pull them out. Out of the darkness and into

the light.

Suddenly, a light illuminates the stars,

shining through the darkness.

And a voice says, “Write. Make your voice be

heard. Pull yourself out of the darkness and into

the light so you can walk towards a brighter future.”

So he writes about the stars and about the

wings of freedom shining through the murky

darkness so he can rise into the light.

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