Separate, Together

by Ella Kim, age 13
Separate, Together Ella Kim is 13 years old and an avid reader. She’s a strong advocate for the power of words and the environment (she’s the Vice President of the Writopia EnviroActivism club). She also enjoys acting and has recently discovered an unexpected interest in social psychology. She lives in Manhattan Beach, California.

“For the overworked, recognition
For the jobless, hope”

Raging through communities

A small, microscopic being

Sends full-grown humans into hiding –

What power it holds

Something we must control

Controlling us

We are overworked

Overtired, overburdened 


Jobless, helpless, foodless 


Lucky families like mine

View lockdown as an adventure

We say we see when we don’t

Our nation divided

But look closer: 

For the overworked, recognition

For the jobless, hope

For the lucky, gratitude

For everyone 


Separate, together.

Step into another’s shoes

Even if the shoes seem too small.

Perhaps the distance that keeps us apart

Will finally unite us.

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