by Caroline Krajicek, age 15
Numb Caroline Krajicek is 15 years old and will be moving to Ankara, Turkey this summer. She has lived almost her entire life overseas, which has influenced her lifestyle and writing. Reading and writing have been a part of her life since she was in primary school. She writes to show the reality of our world in a perspective that others may not be able to see. In addition to enjoying writing, Caroline is passionate about humanitarian work and travelling. She hopes to work overseas as a diplomat with Foreign Service or the United Nations, in her future.

“to be deprived of emotion or the lack of sensation”

numb is a funny word 

originated from the late middle english nome

to be deprived of emotion or the lack of sensation 




i can’t remember the last time i felt 


the moment the numbness disappears 

it becomes real 

so here i sit in silence 

alone and numb 


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