Summer Break

By Shrey Sahgal, age 13
Summer Break Shrey Sahgal is going into the ninth grade in Horace Mann. His writing career at Writopia began in third grade and has been with Léna ever since.

“But the knowledge that one day
The chains will return
Sieges your liberty.”


When your chains are on for long enough

They start to become part of your body.

When you shed the chains,

It is like losing a part of you,

And you are free.


But the knowledge that one day

The chains will return

Seizes your liberty.

The pseudo-carte blanche

Put in place by a totalitarian regime

Takes control of its subjects

In the most vicious of ways.


With no second option to turn to,

We, the victims, turn to our moments of indulgence

To liberate us from the constraints that bind us

To an entity that has no mercy,

Gives no purpose,

And only takes.


The only thing we have to lose is our shackles.

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