Under Which Condition Do I Work the Best?

By Shoshi, age 12
Under Which Condition Do I Work the Best? Shoshi is a 12-year-old piano player and writer. She loves to sing and do gymnastics. She likes all different kind of art, literature, poetry, dance, and music. She is also interested in technology and astronomy. (She only wanted to add astronomy because it sounded good.)

“I have to play piano everyday. Sometimes I don’t do a good job, other times I do, and sometimes I do great. But I usually do my best only when I am motivated.”

Motivation helps people gets things done. Procrastination is when a person waits to do something, sometimes because of laziness. I procrastinate in school, sometimes with assignments. The questions I will be answering in this essay are: what assignments would I most likely procrastinate doing? Under which conditions do I get motivated? Am I more likely to procrastinate when I have a deadline, or when I have no deadline?

The first thing I want to focus on is having a deadline for an assignment. Some people say they work better with a deadline because it pushes them to work, and it motivates them. I personally have gone through a time when deadlines motivated me, but currently that puts me under stress. And when I’m stressed out, I’m really not in a good mood for anything, except doing what’s due. Even though I’m to do the assignment, I don’t feel my best.

When I don’t have a due date, I tend to procrastinate whatever’s due. I have done this before, and it hasn’t gone well. I don’t like to procrastinate. It’s only avoiding whatever is due, but for some reason I still procrastinate. But when I finish, it feels like a truck just got lifted off my shoulders. Either way, with a deadline or not, I still often get stressed out.

I am used to deadlines, like homework, when everything is due on a specific day. I usually don’t get stressed out when doing homework, because that is an everyday thing for me which I’ve gotten used to. It’s the big projects that I get in school that I usually procrastinate on. I usually have to set smaller goals for myself so I don’t delay doing my work.

I have to play piano every day. Sometimes I don’t do a good job, other times I do, and sometimes I do great. But I usually do my best only when I am motivated. Some things that motivate me are parties. I love parties. When I know there is a party, I do well.

There are some conditions, like when there is something that I look forward to, under which I get motivated, and there are some others conditions, like when I am in a bad mood or when I’m feeling lazy, that cause me to procrastinate. Overall, either way, and despite the stress, I prefer having a deadline.

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