One day, a man was reading the newspaper when he learned that there was an exhibit in the museum on maximum security. It was displaying a huge bag of gold. He felt the sudden urge to have it.

That night, with his child still at home, he hacked into the security system and broke into the museum. He got all the way to the dinosaur model before there was a loud whirring sound, and the dinosaur’s tail whipped around and created a crack in the wall. Tiny dinosaurs the size of his hand came pouring out of the wall. They bit all over him: his legs, his arms, his head, etc. He was about to give up when his son’s voice crackled through the speaker at his ear. “All clear. The dinosaurs will go away as soon as I tell them to.”

“What are you waiting for? Send them away!”

“I would, but I thought maybe they could be your honor guard. You know, all the DC villains have cool technology or catch phrases. You don’t have anything.”

The frequency of the bites increased. “Don’t be ridiculous! Just call them off!”

The dinosaurs went back into the wall, which automatically healed itself.

The man was so scared that he considered retreating, but then he looked at the brochure again and reconsidered.

He got all the way to the gold before he realized that the gold was surrounded by a huge glass wall and numerous of guards. He explained the situation to his son.

“I knew it! I knew you should have kept those tiny dinosaurs!”

He smiled and took out a small taser. He pointed and pulled the trigger. Every one of the guards writhed on the ground for a moment, then went still.

He stepped over them and made his way to the gold. He grabbed it and felt something in it move.

That’s weird, he thought. After a while, he convinced himself that it was just his imagination. He made his way to the entrance, and then felt it writhe in his hands again. He opened the bag, and to his horror, spiders were crawling out of it. They bit him everywhere, just like the dinosaurs, but this time, he couldn’t see anything. He felt as if they were injecting fire into him, and, with a start, he realized that they were poisonous.

As his life stole away from him, he heard his son say, “Don’t open the bag! Turns out it’s full of spiders! I just realized.” But it was too late. He was gone.

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