Revenge of the Ankle Bully

by Zahir Chappelle, age 12

Twenty-20 Come Again

by Lana Stern, age 13

Anti Gravity

by Ariel Phelan, age 13

5,000 Miles 10,000 Words

by Julia Fox, age 13

The Better Side

by Greta Frischling, age 13

The Land of Cards

by Arjun Kalbag, age 13

Why Couldn’t They Just Watch Shrek?

by Eavan Anderson, age 12


by Anonymous, age 13

A Breakfast Call

by Phaedra Lee, age 13

Dear Mockingbird

by Zanyah Powell, age 12

Flu Shot

by Analise Chen, age 12


by Ty Young, age 16


by Leo Vitarelli, age 12

The Cure

by Sam Cain, age 12

32 Degrees

by Claudia Langsam, age 13

A Question – Unanswered – Solved

by Leora Gallai, age 12

The Fair Princess

by Nora Fox, age 16

Gender Inequality Through Time

by Olivia H. Yang, age 14

LA Devotee

Gabe, age 16


by Sohil VG, age 12

My Silent Resistance

by Marlo, age 12

Transgender Bathroom Policy

by Shanee Goldman, age 14

College debt…is it worth it?

by Ruthie Brooks-Ryall, age 15


by Laila C, age 12

The Flower of Night

by Vera Gjaja, age 14

I Don’t Know What To Call This – A Poem

by Sofia Velez, age 15

Miriam’s Song

by Stella Rothfeld, age 14

All the Way

by Dylan Stachtiaris, age 16

The Heart

by Giulia, age 12


by Vivienne McLoughlin, age 12


by Michelle Lee, age 11


by Andrew Lee, age 13


by Lily Wright, age 15


by Shirin Pechefsky, age 15

women, horror, and other things not worth writing about

by Tess Nealon Raskin, age 15


Laila Azmy, age 14

The Tournament

by Lydia, age 13

Violet the Explorer

by Marley Scotkin, age 12

Anxious on the Subway

by Haiden, age 12


by Eliza K., age 13

NYC Subway Reliability Essay

by Teddy Ryan, age 16

Someone Like You

by Sai Shaw, age 14

DIY Shopping

by Leela Kapoor, age 12

Staggering Impacts of Single-Use Plastic on Human and Environmental Health

by Samia Segal, age 17

A New and Improved 2nd Amendment

by Maverick Cortes, age 14

Scared of Heights?

by Bpan, age 15

Has Basketball Improved Since Its Invention?

by Arjun Kalbag, age 12

The Girl Who Could Not Play

by Lucine Aslizadeh-Tachdjian, age 12


by Charlotte Reiser, age 13


by Leo O'Hagan, age 12

The Shattered Syringe

by Andrei Buchatskiy, age 15

My Mom

by Halle, age 12

Eye of the End (The Second Vision and The Third Vision)

by Abeer Bhaskar, age 12

March 17th

by Amelia Calo, age 17


by Joshua Monge, age 12


by Romi, age 14

When I Cringe

by Noah, age 12

The Price of Freedom (Chapter One)

by Julia Cramer, age 13

Before I Forget

by Amelia Calo, age 17

The Silent House

by Lea Karian, age 12


by Anonymous, age 14

Hunt and Gather

by Lily O'Donnell, age 15

The Beginning of the End

Muhamed Toure, age 12

Life and Why We Live It: An Essay On Reality

by Izzy Weitzman, age 14

Incoming Red Giant

by Ruben Seaman, age 13


by Naomi Schulz, age 13


by Sofie Kotzin, age 12


by Izabele Sunelaityte, age 13


by Isabella Gernandt Rivera, age 14

Dirty Laundry

by Joshua Monge, age 12

Trees of Albuquerque

by Demetrius S. HoSang, age 14


by Owen Shipley-Dean, age 14

Gone with the Sun

by Avery Violet Epstein, age 13

Creation of Earth Parody

by Ruben Seaman, age 12

The 84 Block Journey

by Amelia Frank, age 13

Bus Thoughts

by Alia Scheuneman, age 16

The Judge

by Max Rhodes, age 12

The Chronicles of Tulupinia

by Mariana Sodi, age 14

My Last Goodbye

by Avery Violet Epstein, age 13

The Old Man

by Sebastian Heisler-Martin, age 14

Pencil Sharpener Dream Dilemma

by Ruben Seaman, age 12

The Power Within (Part One)

by Jayden Tolliver, age 12

Danger in Life and Death

by Tay Baks, age 13

Sept. 22 Writer’s Block Poetry

by Tay Baks, age 13

Bad American Food

by Yotam Dinour, age 15

Secrets That Lie Beyond the Front Door

by Erinda Ratchford, age 12

The Case of the Missing Gem

by Daniel, age 12

A Mother Knows Best

by Anonymous, age 13