Weird Dream

A dream that I had once, which was extremely odd, was that I started off standing on the top of the moon. I walked forward to the edge of the moon and fell all the way through space, down to earth. When I hit the pavement, I jumped out of my sleep. This dream has happened over at least five or seven times. The only logical explanation I have for this dream occurring multiple times is that when I was younger, I used to imagine that I was sleeping on top of the world. I guess that my wondrous imagination somehow turned into a terrifying dream that winds up having my body completely in pieces when I hit the ground, turning my “awesome dream” into a heart pounding moment for me.


2 thoughts on “Weird Dream”

  1. I think this dream is a metaphor for life in general. Keep dreaming and don’t let the world shatter your aspirations. Life is about the climb: that includes the ascent, the plateau, the descent and yes, even the fall. Although the fall can be scary, it too provides valuable life lessons and is a necessary part of the journey.

  2. What a terrific story Julien. Your aunt summed it up perfectly above. I used to have a similar dream around your age in Greece or Rome standing atop ivory pillars that crumbled and I would wake before hitting the ocean beneath me. The symbolism of this will unfold as you continue your journey in life and beyond.

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