He’s Not The Right One For Me

you had me at hello and I had to say goodbye

I usually get mad but I let it slide

I was tough to stay, strong to rise

but I fought for you that wasn’t a surprise

we work a path, you and me together

we both fought the weather

I was judged by my height that I would never be loved

god brought justice to light

and there I am with you tonight

then I got hurt

unexpectedly by you

you pushed me to the dirt

because I had curfew

well I was done

my brain and body became one

I had nobody, I mean none

until you pulled out what you had

I screamed why me?

you said it was never us nor we

we were never together and not forever

you also said I didn’t love you at all

my spouse is coming home and I’m not taking the fault

I know I’m tall

I’m average human

you’re something I don’t want

I don’t want to hurt your feelings

it took me some healing

from that pain I lost him/her,

him/her was my main

I will never forget his or her name

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