Just One

The bed is green, dark green.

Thread and cloth, pillows and me.

I am a pillow too.

Squeeze me, lay on me.


His eyes are more animal than human

And his breath is hot.

I feel hot too

But I’m not under the blankets.

Comfy is better than uncomfy,

he says.

I’ll keep it on, thanks,

I say.


Arms, legs, fingers

Mouth turns up at the corners

Green, green, green.

Green thread, green walls.

Skin is pink, delicate but powerful.

Pushing further than I am wanting.

Further than we said.

I remember my words,

My mouth, my words.

Say no.


Come on.




Backing down now,

Coming down.

Side by side,

King took off his crown and came back to the green sheets

With me.

Still warm, breath has slowed.

So has my mind.

It walks in the hot summer sun with his.

Then we are there and it is distant.

Let’s give it some time.

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