“When I was your age…”

There are few words more hated

Than these

Because a rant always follows.

Generations are different, for God’s sake!

Maybe you walked everywhere

And had to research things in books, for real

But technology isn’t so easy either.


Did it ever occur to you that we can’t just

“Put down our phones and come to dinner”

Because we are making plans

Or working out a situation with a friend?

Or–God forbid–finishing the level of a game!

We understand it’s not a good use of time

But if you break it down far enough, nothing ever is.

And it promotes happiness!


Also, we always have to listen through the adult conversations

About conservative vs liberal viewpoints

And there it is again,

“Why don’t you go play outside?”


We can talk about stuff too!

Religious beliefs

Moral ethics


Whatever floats your boat!


And how come we have to just wait around

While you talk to all your friends?

It’s so frustrating!

I bet your mom didn’t talk so much

That’s why you don’t even bother to understand.


And you force us to be social

When obviously we’d rather watch Netflix on a Thursday!

And then we have to spend time with you

Kids hate their parents! Accept it!

One thought on “Parents”

  1. Do I get the impression you had a chseee craving when you wrote this?It’s good to get proper punctuation out to as many people as possible, especially when the Microsoft grammar-check insists on you having capitals where they don’t belong. I tend to use the elipsis for all unfinished sentences editors sometimes change it, sometimes don’t. I wouldn’t agree about adding the full stop, question mark etc. to the elipsis, but maybe there are different schools of thought about that. I never do, and I’ve never been told to add them.

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