For Them All





He was just kind

Everyone knew it

But I liked it the most


He wasn’t good in school

Everyone knew it

I can’t tell you how many times

I defended his intelligence


He had red hair

I loved that red hair

I guess I perceived him as innocent
Even though he never was


He talked to me

I was crazy

But he talked to me


By the time I found out he

Had fallen for me

It was too late




So this guy was kind of a jerk

Everyone thought he was green

I saw blue

I saw blue in that jerk!

I thought he liked me back

And just hid it really well

But he hated me

I was a bother

A massive bother

To that blue, blue jerk




I loved him more than I’ve ever loved anyone

Wished I could just talk to him

Hated that I could never be the one to help him

I wanted him to rely on me

I loved him, I really really did

So much that no one could doubt it

But despite all my hopes

He never knew me


I’ve already written countless poems about him

About how he’s the ultimate hero


I just kinda wanted to thank him

For saving me




Um… I still like this one

He’s the best of the light and the dark

He’s like me and then he’s a little bit not

Ideal, is what he is

Not that I could resist him if he wasn’t




I’m putting him on the list, aren’t I?

Hasn’t been around for more than a week

and yet here I am, giving him a spot

with the ones who have changed me

because he changed me

he made me fall

god, he’s the most captivating of them all


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