“As I am sitting on the bench I see this familiar man with a white and black dog saying my name.”

“I felt a rain drop wondering if I was crying because I saw him.”



“Yes how are you Sydney I haven’t seen you in a long time.”

“I am good thank you for asking how about you?”

“I am good thank you I wanted to see if you wanted to see Bella again soon in the fall?”

“I said I don’t think , sorry. I have to go, but it was nice talking to you.”

“I saw her. She was shy but said oh Sydney.”

“I was happy she was out of my life, thats why I smiled.”


“I breathe in with it is okay you will get past it.”

“You breathe out with “whatever” in a rude tone.”

“I get excited about the little things.”

“You get excited about nothing, the unimportant things in life.”

“Life is more than that, did you know that?”

“I imagine what life would be without you.”

“Do you imagine life without me… because that would be nice not having to be around you for once.”



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