It was my favorite color, blue, when I was a young child. I loved the images it brought to mind. Sky, lake, ocean blue. Bird, wing, feather blue. I liked how it rolled off my tongue like a fish into water. b-l-u-e. B for brain. L for Leather. U for underneath. And E for earth. everything. else. Now I see not just the blue, but the red, green, yellow sky, rainbow of an open point of view. It’s sad now, with not just the pretty blue, peaceful blue, familiar blue. There’s a world of possibility. No, a world of color. A messed-up world of color. But we mustn’t think of the world as messed up– we might see it for how it is. See it how it looks from another outside. An outside that’s never known the world from the inside. An outside that sees the earth as a mass of green, white, brown, and blue.

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