Don’t Get Caught in The Ring

There was a boy named Bobby Johnson and he was a kid who always walked to school and a homeless man would ask him for a quarter. The homeless man said to Bobby, “ I know you have a quarter.” Bobby walked off and the homeless man started to follow Bobby. Bobby started to speed up his walking because he noticed the homeless man was following him. The homeless man eventually caught up to Bobby and he took a quarter out of Bobby’s pocket. The homeless man said,” I knew you had a quarter, you liar.”

Bobby then responded and said,” I did not have that, where did you get it from?”

The homeless man left him alone and Bobby walked to school. As Bobby walked to school he did not realize what the man put in his pocket, but he found out when he was in science class. In class, Bobby had a fat bully named Bub who would always bother him because he was smart. When Bobby saw Bub walk up to the teacher to show that he had completed his project, Bobby said,” I wish that dry ice would fall on Ms. Hawk’s face and Ms. Hawk will scream at him.” As Bub walked up to show Ms. hawk that he completed his project, he dropped the dry ice on Ms. Hawk’s face.

Ms. Hawk was infuriated and told Bub, “Go sit down so I can call the principal and tell him that you are suspended.”

Bobby thought it was just a coincidence that happened, so when he went home and he asked his mom for a Xbox One and she said,” You cannot get it, so just think about something else.”

Right after he heard what his mom had to say, he said, “I hate you and I hope that you will get cancer.”

When it was time to eat dinner his mom said, “I do not feel so well can we go to the doctor.” It took Bobby some time to realize it, but he had just given his mom cancer. He did not know what it was until he heard and saw a glowing and heard a banging sound in his bag. When Bobby looked inside the bag, he realized the homeless man had put a ring in his bag, and that the ring could grant wishes. As Bobby went to sleep, he had to figure out a way to undo this horrible wish that he had already cast on his mother.

The next morning as Bobby walked to school he was ready to see the homeless man because he thought the homeless man would know to undo the wish. He could not find the homeless man, so he carried on to school. As he walked into school, Bub walked up to him and said, “Wuss up geek?” Bobby walked away because he knew what he was capable of since he had the ring in his possession. When he went to class he could not focus since he was worried about how to undo this wish that he had cast on his mom. He said, “I need to undo this wish, or else my mother will die.”

Something said to him, “If you want to undo this wish that you have cast on your mother, you must go to the homeless guy that gave you the ring and ask him to undo the wish for you.” Bobby thought whoever was talking to him was crazy, but then he thought that this could work. Bobby went back to speaking to this thing who told him what he needed to do if he wanted to undo this wish that he cast on his mom.

The thing said to him, “When you are trying to go find the homeless man, you will need to go to Chicago because he will be there. One problem is that there will be a person named Que who wants the ring. When he gets closer to the ring, his power will get stronger since he used to have it. Que has multiple powers that he will use, so do not underestimate him. If he gets the ring he will use it for world domination which in turn means you will probably die.”

Bobby said, “Can I kill him so I will not have the problem anymore?”

The thing said to Bobby, “If you kill him, it automatically kills your mother.” Bobby went home and started to plan. He got some weapons, a map, some money from his mom’s dresser, a hiking bag and a case for the ring. As he started to leave the house his mother stopped him and said, “Where are you going?”

Bobby said, “Nowhere.” Bobby left the house and went to the airport for a plane ticket to go to Chicago. The plane ticket read from Nevada to Chicago. As Bobby was ready to board the plane, a man stopped him and said, “Come with me.”

Bobby said, “Do not touch me unless you want to catch a beat down.” The man’s face started to get tomato red and started to steam. Bobby realized who it was, it was Que. Bobby ran to the plane and hid under a seat so Que could not find him. Bobby thought he was safe so he stood up. Right as he stood up there were flames and metal spikes coming from Que’s mouth. Que started to run towards him, and immediately he remembered that he had a machete with him. Bobby took it out and sliced Que’s right arm. Que’s arm was bloodier than Rambo shooting someone. Que was livid, so he blew up the plane. Right before he blew up the plane Bobby jumped out and went inside the airport. As soon as Bobby was inside, he told a police officer, “Call the SWAT team.”

The man did not believe him so Bobby said, “I guess I am going to take a road trip.”

Bobby went home and went into the kitchen as stealthily as possible. He took his mom’s car keys that were on top of the counter. It took Bobby about 6 hours to get there. When Bobby got to Chicago, he went to the poorest neighborhood called Archer Ave. He parked his car and got out. He was freezing because all he had was a T-shirt and shorts. Bobby went back into his car and made a wish. He said, “I wish I have warm clothes on and I wish I could go to the homeless man who gave me this ring.” The ring granted him the first wish, but it did not grant him the second wish. Bobby said, “How come you did not grant me the second wish?”

The ring said, “I cannot grant you wishes that are impossible.”

Bobby got mad and threw the ring into the snow. The ring was automatically back in his possession. He found out that he got it back and screamed, “Why did the man give me this ring?”

The thing said, “He gave you the ring because his life was ruined by it since he was overwhelmed with all that power.”

Bobby now started to worry because he thought that the same thing might happen to him. He also remembered that was not the only problem he had. He had to go to the man to undo the wish that he had cast on his mother. He thought to himself again, “Maybe I could give the ring to Que and he can keep it.” The thought came to him that if he could deliver the ring by Monday he probably would be alright. However, he could not find this homeless man.
Something said to him, “Go to the police and tell them that there is a missing person and describe him.”

Bobby did not know what he looked liked since the man had a hood the last time he saw him. He then said, “I wish I could describe what he looked like.”

As Bobby walked to the police station, a guy walked up to him and said, “I know you.”

Bobby said, “I do not know you.” He then looked into his eyes and said, “I do know you, are Que.” Then Bobby jumped back and took out his M16. This time Bobby had more firepower and he also knew how to use it, since Joe taught him how to shoot guns when he was dating Bobby’s mom. Que transformed into a body with spikes on his shoulders, fire coming out of his eyes and mouth, crystals on his legs and the rest of the body was metal. Bobby second-guessed himself after he saw Que’s real transformation. “You are able to do that. The ring was right, I can’t underestimate you.”

Just as Bobby was about to shoot, the police officer said, “Stop where you are and put your hands up.”

Que did not pay attention to the officer and breathed fire on him. He was burnt crisp. The officer crumbled and turned into ash. Suddenly the whole police force came out, guns blazing.

Bobby knew between the police shooting at him and Que’s power, he was not going to win, so he ran off. Now he was really in trouble and did not know what to do until he remembered that his dad lived in Chicago. He said to the ring, “Take me to my dad’s house.”

The ring answered him back and said, “If you want the homeless man, I can’t just give him to you.”

Then Bobby got curious and thought, could the homeless man be my father? He thought again and said not possible. He then thought it could be true. He called his mom’s ex-boyfriend, Joe. He asked Joe, “Why did my mom breakup with my dad?”

Joe said, “I don’t know much, but I do know that it had something to do with a ring.”

Bobby said, “That is all I need to know, bye.” Right after Bobby hung up he knew where he needed to go. He had some money left over from the plane ticket so he spent the night at a Motel 8. Bobby knew he had to find as much information as possible about his mom and why she broke up with Bobby’s dad. It was Sunday now and Bobby knew the perfect place to find his dad.  He always knew that his father was always a great Christian and would never miss a Sunday to go to church. As Bobby walked into the church he saw his dad. Bobby said, “You are the homeless man.” Bobby said, “I need to give you back the ring.”

His dad then said I will not take this ring and he ran. Bobby then said, “I made a wish that mom would get cancer and now she has it.”

His dad came to a sudden halt. “You wished that upon your mother? What is wrong with you, you foolish boy?” his dad said.

“I got mad with her. It is not my fault,” Bobby said. He then started to say, “Que’s coming. We have to leave. Que’s coming. We have to leave.”

As soon as his dad heard what he was saying, his dad said, “Who is Que and what does he want with you?”

Bobby responded and said, “Que is a guy who wants the ring and he will stop at nothing to get it.”

As soon as he said that, Que came in and said, “It is time to finish this. Give me the ring and no one gets hurt.”

“How did you find me?” Bobby said.

Que then responded and said, “Guess.”

“You followed me when I was in the Motel 8 and now here,” Bobby said.

Bobby and his dad started running, but Que cornered them and threw a jab at Bobby. Bobby dodged it and said, “I wish that Que would stop going after the ring.” The wish didn’t work and Bobby’s dad took the ring from him Que suddenly vanished.

Bobby asked, “Why did it work for you and not for me?”

His dad said, “I guess the ring listened to the rightful owner.”

They thought everything was back to normal until Bobby said, “We forgot to undo the cancer that I wish mom would get.” Bobby and his dad scurried to get to the airport. When they  got there they got on the first plane back to Nevada. They had a little bit of time to undo the wish. When the plane landed Bobby and his dad rushed to get a cab to go to his mom’s house. As soon as they got in the cab, Bobby said, “We need to go to 4th Street between 5th and 9th. Hurry up.” When they finally got to the mom’s house Bobby ran out while his dad paid the fare. When Bobby opened up the door with his key, his mom was lying on the ground with a puddle of blood surrounding her. Bobby dropped right by his mom’s head. When his dad came in Bobby said,” We’re too late, Dad.”

His dad responded and said, “I’m sorry, son.”

Bobby got up and he sobbed on his dad’s shoulder. When they were done hugging thevoice said, “Sorry about that.” Bobby realized that when he was in need of assistance, he could always talk to his conscience. When everything was done, the father moved in with Bobby. Que was dead, and the mom was also dead. They put the ring in a place where nobody could find it. They knew some day someone would find the ring, but that was not today.


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