Villainous: Start from Zer0

There is a world of good and evil, light and dark, heros and villains. The two contradict each other. Almost everyday there is a fierce battle between the two forces. The two have only one thing in common: an enemy. In this world, anti-heroes think that they are in charge because they believe they obtain both light and dark energy. This world is loaded with cities, towns, and villages just like on Earth. Eighty-nine percent of people in the world have powers or can obtain powers; the rest are humans.

When a child is born, his or her powers are tested to see if it will be useful for good, evil, or both. The children are blood tested to find out their power and their power level. This process is tested by human scientist under the anti-hero’s organization, A.H.. The humans test the power of the children when they are born to see if they are qualified to become a savage for evil or a variant for the good. In percentage, the numbers to become a savage or a variant are 70%-100%.

One day the hero with the name of Yuri was helping other heroes defeat a giant jackal that had entered the city Hatake. Yuri was one of the strongest heroes. Yuri had a light shade of brown skin, he usually wore a sweater and jeans, and his hair was black and spiky. Yuri also had a tattoo of a black line starting from above his eyebrow, in the middle, and ran down to his jaw. It was on both sides of his face, a sign of extreme power. People called Yuri the “Thunder Dragon” because he had the power to transform into a dragon and he had the power of lightning. The dragon was yellow with plenty of bone spikes emerging from his skin and black streaks near the spikes. The dragon had hard metal-like skin and it was smooth, too. But his bones were hard as diamonds and rough as bedrock. The dragon’s figure was aerodynamic giving him the ability to move as fast and graceful as a jet.

The jackal was intelligent with extreme power, and he went by the name Chaos. Chaos was decimating the city of Hatake. Yuri met a new female hero that day named Natsuko. Natsuko had smooth, dark skin and black hair. She had a mark of extreme power too, like Yuri does. It was a tattoo of a black line running from her cheek bones, not too far below from her eyes, and it ran through her nose to her other cheek bone. Right away, Yuri fell in love. Natsuko was then targeted by the jackal in the fight and the jackal attempted to slash Natsuko, but right before it happened Yuri used his powers to save her. With his hands, he and Natsuko gave birth to a child. They named him Zero.

After Natsuko gave birth, the child was sent to a baby nursery in the hospital’s basement.

Meanwhile, Natsuko rested in her bed. Then large thumps started to rush through the ground. The sounds were coming from right outside of the city. The sounds were getting closer and closer as the humans and superhumans stood in suspense. Yuri then transformed into a dragon flying up, gaining altitude, to see what was going on. “EVERYBODY GET DOWN!” Yuri shouted making his voice bounce off of the buildings, creating an echo so everyone in the city could hear him. Everyone listened to his command as a blast of light was shot out towards Yuri. Yuri dodged it with ease but the beam still continued to seek its destruction and blew up the city’s police precinct.

At that moment the city turned into chaos. Buildings on fire, broken down, smoke emerging from each and every corner. Humans, superhumans in agony, injured, bruised, broken. Yuri needed more help. The savages were sent out as back-up for Yuri from the villains, knowing he was the strongest person in the city at that moment. So then the Heroes decided to do the same, and they sent out their variants as back up. The human government sent jet fighters and choppers to attack after the superhumans did. A huge battle was about to begin but they couldn’t figure out what yet. The warriors waited patiently until the huge dust clouds and smoke died down so they could see what they were facing. Yuri impatiently flew into the smoke and used his wings to reveal his enemy. It was the demon king, Darton. Darton appeared with his ace: The Poison Dragon, Felong. Felong was purple and scaley. He had black drool emerging from his mouth that stuck to his lips as he opened his mouth to let out a roar. His roar made the drool splatter all over parts of the city. It was acid and it killed many people and decimated buildings.

“We are here for your child, Yuri!” exclaimed Darton.

“But why? For what reason?!” Yuri responded.

“He has a strong evil aura. And we would like to have his power.”

“Impossible! He is the son of two great heroes. That’s not even logical.”

“Trust me. Just hand the boy over and there will be no trouble.”

“Never! He’s my son. What makes you think I would just hand him over?”

“I predicted that you might say that. So if I can’t have him, no one can!” Darton informed Yuri.

At that moment Yuri was drowned in anger, and the power of the Thunder Dragon started to consume him. His eyes changed to a neon yellow merging and mixing with a neon orange color. His pupils then thinned out and stretched out like he had eyes of a snake. Then his vertebrae started to mutate then bony spikes started to emerge slowly out of his back, stretching his skin and piercing through the flesh, causing blood to splatter all over his skin. His teeth then started to convert into long, sharp, acute fangs. Then the cells and molecules in his fingers began to unite creating three fingers with frightening claws. His skin was then forced off by the yellow, metallic-like armor. His scapula was then stretched out from his back and it stretched out the new yellow skin on Yuri’s body, creating wings. Yuri’s body then expanded, and he transformed into the famous Thunder Dragon.

Felong and Darton were ready to fight. Yuri zoomed in towards Felong and covered himself in a coating armor of electricity and then tackled him. Felong’s wings became paralyzed as Yuri continued to attack and slammed him into the ground. Natsuko awoke from her sleep and looked out the window and saw the fight taking place. She was a bit scared but she didn’t care — she needed to help Yuri. Feeling better, she used her teleportation powers to place herself in the fight. She appeared right in front of Darton.

“Crap,” Darton solemnly stated.

Natsuko used her super strength and gave him an extreme punch and broke off his horn. Darton then used his size and strength to pick up a lamp-post and swatted Natsuko. She was already weak from giving birth so when she was whacked, she coughed up almost pints of blood.

“Natsuko!” Yuri cried in fear.

Yuri stopped wrestling with Felong and slashed his face, leaving him a giant scar with three claw marks. Yuri started to create a gust with his wings to take flight and to try and finish off Felong. He let out a huge blast of electricity, released from his mouth, and it was shot at his face.

Yuri escaped and dashed over to where Natsuko was.

The spikes, skin, fangs, claws, yellow skin, and neon eyes started to relax, and he turned back into his normal human form. He tried to help Natsuko get up and protect her from the demons. Then Darton ordered his demons to attack the two and they were left with scars, bruises, burns, and scrapes. Then Darton started to charge up a black beam of powerful dark energy with his hands and aimed it at Yuri and Natsuko. He released it towards them. Their bodies disappeared.

Hundreds of heroes appeared in fighting stances with death in their eyes ready to help their friends. Some flew, some on the ground. They tried to help the two but it was too late. Natsuko and Yuri were killed. And baby Zero was next.

“Those two tried to defy me, they are now dead! What are you going to do about it?” Darton informed the Heroes. “Whoever wants to end up like them, try to fight me!” Darton continued.

“We need to avenge them! Who’s with me!” a young hero with the name of Akiko cried.

“Yeah!” a group of heroes responded with hope.

“If that’s how you want to die, then okay. I will destroy your entire city then!” the Demon said with confidence.

At first, the villains didn’t care, but they decided to join in the fight along with the heroes. They did this for two reasons. They started to sense the boy’s power. Also they didn’t want their home to be destroyed. Villains and Heroes stood side-by-side to protect Zero. A fierce battle then started. Demons versus Superhumans. It went on forever, but then the superhumans won. They chased off the demons. There were already thousands of Heroes and Villains, but then the human government appeared with tens of thousands men, and hundreds of thousands of anti-heroes arrived under the A.H. organization.

The demons got scared and fled towards south to their base.

“This isn’t worth it anymore!” Darton exclaimed.

Everyone wanted to celebrate their success but they couldn’t — two great heroes had died and they felt really bad that they were too late. Even villains were upset. Some of them admired Yuri’s power and how he could control it so perfectly and turn into a fearsome beast like a dragon. And they respected and feared Natsuko’s extreme strength.

It was a sad but new start for a new beginning.

End of Part I


13 years later.

There was a crash of blue lightning flashing down the blocks of the city, with fiery blasts following it. The flames melted metals and heating cement as they sped down the block. The lightning created heated craters as it dashed through the city. The two seemed to be chased by something. It was the Police.


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