Uncontrolled Fury


darting through her head, faster

than her hand can keep up with.

She tries

to grasp one before

it disappears, but her hand holds


except a pen.

The sound of it scratching

against paper fills

the empty silence.


And suddenly,

it stops.

Her head is hollow, filled with bits of

useless thoughts.

Her pen stops,

ink the color of the ocean tide

blooming like a navy blue flower

from the tip.

The pristine whiteness of the page

floods with the darkness

of lost ideas.

She lets it fall,


Against the table.



It’s ruined.

The page

crumples in her hand,

ink smudging,

her thoughts dead.

The page

falls from her hand.

It hits the floor with a sound

softer than

a kitten purring,

but louder than

a tiger roaring.


She begins again,

puts pen to paper,

writing until she

Decides, again, that it’s not good enough.

It never will be.

Her thoughts are gone,

the thrashing ideas that once filled her

head until it felt like bursting

have disappeared

without a trace.



she is filled with a

disappointment, a

longing, an

uncontrolled fury.


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