The Lost Sky



A girl disguised by the somber mists of taunting loss,

Glooming shadows escaping the night’s bitter sky,

The latent stars vanished without gloss,

Wishes muted by a concealed lie.


The damaged dominos,

Steadily collapsing,

From one heart to another,

The ghost emerging from the shattered spirit.



I was once the light of a radiant character,

The breath of a cub,

Gentle kisses extending the sky,

Now a shadow absent from the dust,

No bear to protect my warmth,

Like a music note that has never been played.



A girl surrounded by an ocean without water,

Yearning for a sturdy hand to hold,

Instead, she is trapped in her own echoes.


I once held that little hand,

I was the bear that shielded her from the terror of this world,

But now I lie in the vacant sky.




Depression is my remedy,

I soak in my loss,

Constantly gazing at the sky for a source of existence,

Yet all I see are the faint memories dying in the darkness.



Suffering with a damaged soul,

The girl lingered in this horror story,

The disappearance of two bears at once,

One puzzle piece gone, another misplaced.



It took years of suffering for a sense of wholeness to appear,

Slowly my mind slept from a fear,

I recognized my worth of gold.


We are all not presented with chance at life,

The world works in a incomprehensible fashion,

We see the stars, the sun, the rainbows,

We experience the rainstorms and the hail,

So when life presents you with the gift of growth,

We must understand our fitting puzzle piece.


I now walk in my crooked footsteps,

Indenting a distinct shape,

My mind was once possessed by a devil,

But now an angel has stolen my soul.


The devil remained in my presence,

Reminding me of all the absence.


I am my own angel who represents self-concept,

Identifying my past ratifies my future.


I often attempt to erase the visions that blur my mind,

Of the distant thoughts it features,

I am the figure I never had.


My cubs carry fur of enchanting colors,

With a shaded bear to shield them from the terror of this world.



The girl grasped her own dilemmas,

Conquering the rings of misfortune,

She even played the unknown note of melody.


Whatever wind blows past your fragile ears,

Whatever pain that cramps your body,

Life is a mystery,

Like a dead plant placed in front of sunshine,

The rain does not wash our future away,

Instead it paints a fresh picture,

A life for us to start,

I am proud of my girl.


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