The Girl Next Door, the Guardian Angel and the Best Friend


Heart Throb


Her heart throbbed.

For more reasons than one.


Her sickness for one,

But that wasn’t it,

This wasn’t the same pain.


Her heart throbbed.

For more reasons than one.


She wanted to spend the rest of her life,

With her,

The girl next door.


Her heart throbbed.

For more reasons than one.


What life? She thought.

The one that was about to end?

Or the one she had conjured with her imagination.


Her heart throbbed.

For more reasons than one.


She knew she didn’t have much time,

The doctors had said “a couple weeks?”

Maybe a month.


She had to tell her,

The girl next door,

Could she do it?


And spend the rest of her life,

No matter how short or long,



Many had told her,

“Your illness doesn’t define you,”

“It’s not the only thing you are.”


They always said,

“Your heart still works,”

“Just because it’s a little sick doesn’t mean it’s broken.”


But it felt like it was,

And nobody understood that,

Except the girl next door.


In her mind she knew the right thing,

But what could her messed up heart know?

Certainly not love?

Certainly not happiness?


And so she let herself slip away,

Away from the world she knew,

Away from the girl next door.


Past and Future


And so she let herself slip away,

Away from the world she knew,

Towards something different.


Something better.

Something worse.


As long as she remembered,

Nothing could be better than her,

Nothing could be better than the girl next door.


And nothing could be worse.

Nothing could be worse than leaving her,

The girl next door.


She knew there was no going back,

She knew there was nothing else she could have done.


There was no way to know.

What was beyond that light.

That sweet golden light.


The promises of the future,

So pure and innocent.


And the horrors of the past,

Dark and brutal.


Throw It All Away


So this is how she would end.

Alone and scared?

Or satisfied and relieved?


She definitely didn’t know.

Her and her messed up heart.


Her and the heart that doesn’t feel.


Had she lived, thrived?


She wished she could’ve lived.

She knew she couldn’t thrive.


She felt as if she had thrown everything away.

Every opportunity she could have had,

Every opportunity she did have.


She had done nothing,

With what little she had been allowed.

She had done nothing.


No One


Slipping in and out of consciousness,

She knew the end was near.


Finally it would end,

The pain, the suffering,

The hard part was over.

Or was it?


She definitely didn’t know.

Her and her messed up heart.


She couldn’t believe that after all of this,

All the struggling and perseverance,

It would end like this.


After all this,

She had amounted to nothing.


She hadn’t lived, bonded or thrived.

She was no one.


Though she had her one friend,

The friend that visited everyday,

Yet somehow, she just couldn’t connect,

She just couldn’t connect with her.


An Old Tree


Sometimes she felt like a paper bag,

Floating on nothing.


She had brought this upon herself.

She had shut everybody out.


But sometimes, she still felt as hollow as an old tree. As old as an old tree.


She felt like she had been struggling for ages,

Been sick for ages.


She felt like she had been through it all,

But still had no reason to live.


Except for the girl next door.

The girl next door was the answer to all her problems.


Yet somehow the girl next door was one of her problems.


The Hand of an Angel


Struggling with the same moral quandary,

Should I tell her?

Or should I let it be?


It felt as if there were a thousand bowling balls in her head.

Rolling around her thoughts,

Never settling down.


She desperately needed something to ground her,

Something to back her up,

Something to help her through the good and the bad.


Suddenly, as if the gods had heard her pleas,

Something grabbed her hand and pulled her back to the ground.


It was the hand of an angel,

Someone sent to her.


Was it possible?

Was it possible that after all of this bad something good was finally going to happen?


No, it couldn’t be.

That was impossible.


The Hand of an Angel II


As if the angel could sense her spiral,

Three gentle tugs at her hand almost brought the girl back to the present.


But, slipping in and out of consciousness,

She felt the end nearing.


Prepared to give up this world and almost everything in it,

She made no outward struggle,

But her new guardian angel didn’t give up so easily, couldn’t give up so easily.


Another three gentle tugs kept the girl from giving up on her dream,

Her dream of the girl next door.


Opening her eyes,

What stood before her,

Almost killed her.


In the best way possible.




It was her,

Before her eyes stood a most beautiful sight,

Cast in a golden light.


She couldn’t believe it,

It really was an angel,

Her angel,

The girl next door.


She never thought this day would come,

She never thought she would see her again.


But here she was,

The girl next door,

The most perfect ending to the most horrible life.


She smiled up at her angel,

The happiest she’d been since,



Her angel leaned down,

Planted a soft kiss on her lips,

Soft, but ice cold,

Ice cold but comforting,

And with that she was gone.


Gone like the wind,

The wind that supported her paper bag,

The wind that propelled her forward.


The only thing that kept her moving,

Her guardian angel.




The next time she woke up,

She was still in the hospital,

Alone, with the exception of her nurse and doctor.


And let’s not forget her friend, the friend that came to visit everyday.


Everyday was the same,

The beep of the machines,

Her pills, the blood tests and more.


But today was different,

Today she had met her guardian angel.


She felt as if she’d known them forever,

She felt like she and the angel were one.


The most perfect half to her messed up self.


Today II


I’m really worried about her,

My best friend,

The most amazing person I know,

The strongest person I know.


She doesn’t think that,

I know she thinks she is broken,

She thinks she’s alone,

But she really isn’t.


It hurts my heart to see her like this,

She never talks,

She looks at you with cold dead eyes,

Its almost as if she’s already gone.


But today was different,

Today there was a spark in her eye,

Today she looked alive.


She still didn’t talk,

She still thinks she’s broken,

I could see it in her face,

But today was different.


Today she looked like her happier old self,

Today she looked at me and smiled.

Today she squeezed my hand.


If I Could


I wish I could know everything she’s thinking.


I wish I could take away all of her pain.


All I know is she thinks she is broken,

And that fact alone,

That fact alone breaks me.


I love her more than anything on this earth,

I don’t know what I would do if she was gone, even though sometimes…


Sometimes it feels like she already is.


If I could break through her wall,

If I could just explain.


I’m sure she would understand,

I’m sure she would listen to me.


People say I’m just wasting my time,

People say I should just give up.


No wonder she feels alone,

No wonder she’s ready to give it all up.


What If


I won’t see her for another week,

A week of pure torture,

A week full of worry.


I’m happiest when I’m with her,

She brings out the best in me,

No one else understands this,

She makes me feel special.


I try to see her every single day,

I try to be there for her when she needs me.


If something happens while I’m away,

I don’t know what I would do.

I think I need her more than she needs me.


That smile today,

It made me so happy.

What if something else happens while I’m gone.


Something good,

Something bad.


I just want to be there when it happens.


I can feel things are starting to change,

For the better or…

Well, you know.


It doesn’t matter,

I just want to be with her.


Something Has Changed


I’m finally back,

I’m with my best friend.


I’m back at the hospital,

It feels like its been a year.


She looks the same,

But her eyes are warmer.


Maybe something has changed.

Maybe the warmth has been there all along.

Maybe I just missed it.


Maybe I was too focused,

On making her see,

Making her see me.


On making her understand that I love her,

That I need her.


Sometimes I get mad,

Mad that she can’t see,

Mad that she just doesn’t seem to understand that she has me.


But I should have been helping her,

I haven’t been a very good friend.

I glance down at her,

My very best friend,

And I can tell that this is the end.


The End


She is really gone,

I still can’t believe it.


After everything we’ve been through,

The heartbreak, the happiness,



She peacefully left,

A simple smile on her face.


I was there,

I was there for the flat line.


The beeping stopped,

The erratic measurements of her heartbeat,

were put to a rest.


She will struggle no more,

She can finally be happy.


Its selfish to say,

But I wish she was still here.


I don’t know what I’m going to do,

I don’t know how to go on.

But life doesn’t stop for everyone’s tragedies.


I will always love her,

In the back of my mind.


I tuck away my love for her in my heart,

I’ll revisit it from time to time,

When thinking of her doesn’t hurt so much.


Sitting here hurts too much,

I have to get out.


I’ll never come back,

This will be the last time I walk out.


This place will always hold my sadness.

This place will be where my last memories of her lie.


I glance at the empty bed,

The pillow where she used to rest her head.


I close the door behind me,

And don’t even glance back.


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