Fight fire with fire


And pain with pain…




My name is Raven. The Earth has orbited the sun about sixteen times since the day I was born, but that is irrelevant. Age is no longer a restraint here in Endgame. What matters is your experience. You have to fight to survive around here. Almost everything wants to kill you, and absolutely everything can.


I was given my name because I was born with unnaturally black hair. My identical twin got the name Onyx for the same reason.


Onyx and I have shared a mental bond since birth. We were always able to tell what the other was thinking. I could communicate with Onyx from across a room.


One week ago, that bond was severed. Why? Because Onyx was murdered. I don’t know who murdered her, or why. All that I know is that it hurt. A lot. The mental link was enough to tell me that. Every day, I recover more and more memory of that night, and sometimes I catch glimpses of a knife, or a crooked smile.


Every night, I relive the agony of having my mental bonds snapped. I never knew how much Onyx meant to me until I lost her. Tonight, however, will be different. Tonight, I will track down my sister’s killer.

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  1. This was a great beginning! This had me actually wanting to read MORE and MORE! Very suspenseful. Keep up the good work. :))

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