Poem in the style of Alex Dimitrov

Sometimes god is bipolar

Other times it rains

Her limp hair reminds him of that

I’d much rather mope than sing along to Journey in the shower

Dirt is how I get my best ideas

Who knows why he prepares?

It’s because the last time,

He left the room with bleeding forearms

and we’re all out of disinfectant

The man behind the counter thinks about happiness while he sells bandages

But I think about materialism

Smiley face stickers scare me

I went around making X’s over the eyes

That was my first crack in a crystal clear pane of glass

But I can’t make another crack for a while

There won’t be room for the burden of many cracks to come

I can give you a silver blade from my collection, sure. Promise not to touch the edge?

That way, the shrouded person can walk free of guilt

Guess what?

She’s your Aunt Helen, the one who plays the piano.

Don’t believe me?

Go and look at her birthmark yourself.

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